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Coupons... Saving Has Never Been So Fun!

What are coupons and how do I get them?

Coupons are like loyalty points given everyday at camp or in between camp and for participating in our activities. We also, at times, award coupons for random acts of kindness and good will. Every staff has extra coupons to give to campers every day when they see nice gestures, positive comments or encouragement or nice things that campers do. 

You can also get two coupons for every private tennis lesson or one coupon for every clinic or round robin.

For select number of coupons, view the video and check out our table below:


# of coupons



Free smile from a TSPA staff


TSPA Wrist Bracelet


Vibration dampener (different sorts)

10 One hour clinic special (up to eight students per pro) for members and non-members. Want 30 more minutes? Add 5 coupons.


Tennis ball keychain


Tennis ball keychain (head edition)

10 Overgrip (choice of colour)


Head band


Ball clip

14 Can of regular tennis balls (hard court or clay)


Round robin for campers and adults


Wrist band

18 Can of tennis balls (QST 36 or 60)


Head water bottle (transparent)


One hour semi private tennis lesson (two students per pro) with a PIT (Pro in Training). Want 30 more minutes? Add 10 coupons.


Replacement grip (choice of colours such as white, grey, black and blue)


Fidget Spinner

24 TSPA Shirt
24 2 cans of tennis balls


Free hour of online tutoring


Private one hour lesson with a PIT (Pro in Training). Want 30 more minutes? Add 10 coupons.

30 / 42

One hour semi-private tennis lesson (two students per pro) with a Jr. Pro. Want 30 more minutes? Add 10 coupons per person.


Nike bandana

36 / 48

Free 1/2 day of camp (either morning 9-12 or afternoon 1-4pm) for members and non-members

40 Spider-Man or Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure
40 Water Bottle (Aluminium)


Head towel


Tennis bag


One hour semi-private tennis lesson (two students per pro) with a Sr. pro. Want 30 more minutes? Add 10 coupons per person.


Private tennis lesson with a junior pro. Want 30 more minutes? Add 15 coupons.


Free Cap or visor (TSPA, Head black or white)


TSPA Cap 2013 model


Free hour of personal tutoring.


Private tennis lesson with a senior pro. Want 30 more minutes? Add 15 coupons.


TSPA Cap Nike Model


Roger Federer cap

60 TSPA hoodie


Jr. Racket, case included


Free day of camp


Free hour of sports psychology consulting.


TSPA adult shirt




Free week of camp (membership not included)

160 Free adult racket (Babolat blue)
200 Free adult racket (Wilson red)

* Limited stock on some items

Please note coupons are generally worth 50 cents and if you do not have coupons, the balance for certain products (not services) can be paid in cash. Example #1: A can of balls costs 14 coupons. You have 10 coupons. The balance can be paid for $2. Example #2: A racquet for $40 costs 80 coupons. You have only 60 coupons so the balance of $10 can be paid in cash. Prize value subject to change without prior notice.

Please note that for many of these tennis services are for members. Add $6 for a court fee per hour if a non-member or not a TSPA VIP (more info).

Ask us how to get your company amongst the list of prizes!

Type of Partnership

The Fine Print about partnering up on the TSPA Coupons Page

You have three options:  

- Business Partnership Bronze: $200 would include up to 50 characters describing what the client can receive with a link back to your website. 

- Business Partnership Silver: $350 would include an inside page within TSPA describing your product or service in greater detail with up to three back and forth submissions (with each additional change can be done for $10), one clinic, a banner ad within our elearning website

- Business Partnership Gold: $500 would include your text ad appearing after every person registers for camp, up to three private tennis lessons with the pro of your choice (show me them all!), one clinic, $100 off of camp, $100 of coupon codes that you can share with up to five friends for our tennis camp, a left side banner ad as well as periodic marketing campaigns in which your buisness is mentioned. 

Court fee not included at the Caldwell Tennis Courts ($6). 

TSPA is not responsible for services rendered between companies and clients.

Your ad will expire on January 31st. 

Remember your payment is 100% tax deductible

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