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TSPA Inc. Take a Tour, Tennis Lessons in Montreal

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Early bird registration may have ended, but not the discounts!

In order to benefit from some in season discount you may do the following:


1. Refer a friend and save $100 on camp or get a free tennis clinic. More info

2. See our virtual open house and then fill out this attendance form. Be sure to let us know your favourite part(s) of the video. You will receive $10 into your account within a few days.

3. Pay cash for private or group lessons or gift cards and you will receive a 5% pop-up credit. For example with a minimum of $200, you will receive a $10 credit. In your account you will have $210 to purchase any products or services within TSPA. Please fill out the free information request at the top left of the website or send us an email to make an appointment to meet.

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