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Early bird registration may have ended, but not the discounts!

In order to benefit from some in season discount you may do the following:


1. Pay cash for private or group lessons or gift cards and you will receive a 5% pop-up credit (minimum $200 required). With a purchase of $500 or more, get a 10% credit. For example with a minimum of $200, you will receive a $10 credit. In your account you will have $210 to purchase any products or services within TSPA. With $500, you will get a $50 credit. Please fill out the free information request at the top left of the website or send us an email to make an appointment to meet.

2. Write a positive review for us through google reviews and earn $10. If you write a thoughtful comment with details, we’ll put a total of $15 into your account as a thank you. Please send us an email at with a screenshot of your review :) Learn how. TSPA’s sister company and in partnership with Flow in Sports also has a similar promotion. We’ll double the credit if you write a positive review for Flow in Sports. Perhaps you can write how you enjoy the coupon system or the concept of positive sports psychology. We can let you write the review and again send us the screen shot with proof at

3. Take one of our elearning courses (more info) as we are offering 2x the value of certain courses in which the maximum course cost is $10. For example, take the optimism 320 (for children 14 and under) or optimism 420 (for those 15 and up) (more info / Video) and we’ll offer you $20. Please note this is valid for a maximum of two courses per season. We take the highest score of your final exam and you may redo the course until you get our passing grade which is 90% or more. Fill out this form when you pass and make sure you have a TSPA account (create one). 

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