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Private Lessons -Tennis Instruction in Montreal

If you want to save money on lessons, read about becoming a TSPA VIP.

Make a payment in 1 of 2 ways!

1. Cash or cheque made out to to TSPA. (remit to your instructor)

2. Online

Description Experience Rate (plus taxes) *
Pro in Trainer 1 0-1 Starting from $32 / hour
Pro in Trainer 2 1-2 Starting from $36 / hour
Pro in Trainer 3 2-3 Starting from $39 / hour
Pro in Trainer 4 3-4 Starting from $41 / hour 
Jr. Tennis Instructor 1 - 4 years experience) 5 Starting from $43 / hour
Sr. Tennis Instructor (5+ years' experience) 5+ and at least 25 years old Starting from $55 / hour
 Match Play: Play a match against one of the pros and benefit from a reduced private lesson fee: 5% less with pros in trainers, 10% less with junior pros and 15% less with senior instructors. Look out for this image on the staff page to see if the pro is available for this service.    
*May have added fees if courts are in high demand

Additional fees (if applicable)

Additional Player to Lesson
   With a pro in trainer → $10
   With a junior pro → $15
   With a senior pro → $20

Court Fees at Our Locations

West End Gym: $5 unless you are a member of the Gym (in which you would get a discount of 50% off) or no fees if you are a TSPA VIP.
Caldwell Tennis Courts: $7 unless you are a TSPA VIP.
Rembrandt Tennis Courts: $10 unless you are a TSPA VIP.
Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club: $10 unless you are a TSPA VIP.

For More Information and To Book A Private Lesson

We suggest to view our staff page and based on their availability and your preference, contact them directly. You may also text (preferable) or call 514-886-9929 for more information on getting a private tennis lesson.

Please include your budget for lessons, availability and any staff preferences.


Example #1: Serena Williams, a member of the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis club, takes a tennis lesson with a senior pro and would like to invite a non-member (perhaps her sister Venus) to join in on the lesson. The cost is $55 for the lesson plus $20 for an additional player = $75. Please note that Venus, the non-member, would have to pay $10 as a guest fee. Total cost is $85. You may send us an email to

Example #2: Novak Djokovic, a non-TSPA VIP (more info) of the Caldwell Tennis Courts, is thinking of taking a private tennis lesson with a senior tennis instructor (5+ years experience and at least 25 years old) and would like to invite Sloane Stephens, who is also a non-member.  The total cost of the lesson is $82, where $55 is for the lesson, $7 is for the court fee that Novak and Sloane must pay ($3.50 each), $20 is for an additional player to the lesson.    

Please note that the smile with the lesson comes with all lessons. We offer two coupons for private lessons (more info). 

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