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Private Lessons -Tennis Instruction in Montreal



If you want to save money on lessons, read about becoming a TSPA VIP.

Make payment in 1 of 2 ways!

1. Cash or cheque made out to to TSPA. (remit to your instructor)

2. Online--click here

Description Experience Learning Content Rate (plus taxes) *
Pro in Trainer 1     Starting from $30 / hour
Pro in Trainer 2     Starting from $34 / hour
Pro in Trainer 3     Starting from $37 / hour
Pro in Trainer 4     Starting from $39 / hour 
Jr. Tennis Instructor 1 - 4 years experience)     Starting from $43 / hour
Sr. Tennis Instructor (5+ years' experience)     Starting from $62 / hour
Academy Director     $80 / hour
*May have added fees if courts are in high demand

Additional fees (if applicable)

Additional Player to Lesson
   With a pro in trainer → $10
   With a junior pro → $15
   With a senior pro → $20
Court Fee at our locations (learn more)...............$7/player  unless you are a member of the Club (more info) or have purchased the VIP card (more info). The court fee is $12 for those who live outside the island of Montreal.


Example #1: Serena Williams, a member of the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis club, takes a tennis lesson with a senior pro and would like to invite a non-member (perhaps her sister Venus) to join in on the lesson. The cost is $62 for the lesson plus $20 for an additional player = $82. Please note that Venus, the non-member, would have to pay $7 as a guest fee. Total cost is $89. You may send us an email to

Example #2: Roger Federer is thinking of taking a private tennis lesson with the academy director either at the Caldwell or Rembrandt Tennis Courts. The cost is $80 plus a $7 court fee = $87. 

Example #3: Novak Djokovic, a non-TSPA VIP (more info) of the Caldwell Tennis Courts, is thinking of taking a private tennis lesson with a Level 2 pro in trainer and would like to invite Sloane Stephens, who is also a non-member.  The total cost of the lesson is $51, where $34 is for the lesson, $7 is for the court fee that Novak and Sloane must pay ($3.50 each), $10 is for an additional player to the lesson.    

Please note that the smile with the lesson comes with all lessons. We offer two coupons for private lessons (more info). 

For More Information and To Book A Private Lesson

Text (preferable) or call 514-886-9929 and ask us about getting a tennis lesson. You may also email us at We suggest to contact the pro directly based on their availability. Meet the TSPA Dream Team.

Please include your budget for lessons, availability and any staff preferences.

Click here to meet the TSPA Staff and choose who you would like to choose as your tennis instructor!

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