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Welcome to the TSPA! Let us give you a tour. Click below to take you to several of our most popular services within this web site.

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Our club and head office location in Cote Saint-Luc is 8215 Guelph H4W 1J1 (2nd floor) or 5785 Parkhaven H4W 1X8.

Camp: Our academy features a very popular day camp which runs weekdays from 9-4pm. We have two camps in Côte Saint Luc. One for more advanced players (tennis max) and a recreational tennis camp. Campers enjoy three hours of instructional tennis from certified tennis instructors. There is also an hour of field games such as soccer, frisbee etc.  There is also a free swim period every day. Our camp is also known for its unique sports psychology workshops. The kids learn a variety of mental skills strategies to gain confidence, improve their self esteems and belief in themselves. Every weeks there is a different mental skill theme. The academy aims to offer campers as many positive experiences during the day so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life both on the courts and off the courts. Campers enjoy receiving coupons every time they participate in our activities and do positive things. There is even a before and after pick-up option in what is called our chill zone (for drop off between 7-8am and pick-up between 4:15-6pm). Click here to find out more about the camp or click here to register right now.

Clinics: Our academy offers clinics for kids and adults for the fall, summer and spring. Group lessons are offered based on skill level. Click here to find out more information. You can also see the schedule online by registering for an account and clicking on clinics at your club. Once you know your skill level (be honest!) and know of a time that you would like to register, click sign-up for an account and then click on clinics at your club. You even get email reminder one day prior to your lesson. You can even find out a schedule of times of lessons for your level.


Family Day:

Round Robin: Join us for our many round robins

Private and Semi-private Tennis Lessons. Don't like the crowds? No problem! Get more personalized instructions with one of our TSPA instructors. Click here to meet the staff. Book your reservation early to avoid dissappointment. Send us an email and let us know when you can play (mornings, afternoons or evenings).

Boutique: Find all your tennis related equipment in our online store

Other: Click the variety of links to the left to find out more about our various services. Give us a call at 514-886-9929 or send us an email and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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