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Pro in Training (PIT) and Counselor in Training (CIT)

Be part of the TSPA Dream Team!

Placement will be determined a few days prior to the week of camp. TSPA reserves the right to choose the location and preferences must be communicated in the “staff availability” contract once signed, i.e. prefer Caldwell, West End or CSL Tennis Club.

Advantages of becoming a Pro or Counselor in Trainer at TSPA

Earn income (minimum wage or higher (depending on level of pro or counselor in trainer which is based on age and experience) and a minimum of 35 hours a week. Once the candidate has completed two weeks as a pro in trainer 1-3 or one week as a pro in trainer 4, the candidate can earn income. Thereafter, the candidate can be scheduled for camp for 15 - 35 hours of work per week (and sometimes even more!).
■ Work in a fast-paced environment with the TSPA dream team (learn more), campers, parents, and counselors

■ Have the right and ability in teaching private lessons often to younger children. 
■ Teach and play tennis outdoors and help supervise pool activities.
■ Earn staff coupons - including 10 welcome coupons on the first week for thanking you for being with us - and other coupons when merited for outstanding work and going above and beyond the call of duty.
■ Acquire and sharpen your management information skills.
■ Learn valuable mental skills rooted in sports psychology.
■ Participate in collaborative e-learning courses.
■ Attend the Rogers Cup and see the professionals play, go to La Ronde and the water slides while you can get potentially paid!  Check out all our outings (more info)

Earn a TSPA diploma when you are done! 


** Tax benefits**
■Parents can claim and deduct tax credits as part of the "Relevé 24" provincial receipt for additional tax savings for children who are under 16 at some point in the year*

■You may claim up to $4000 paid for camp fees per child on the provincial side*.  The amount you would receive back in tax credits is 26-60% depending on your family income.

*for those who are 16 years and younger as of the beginning of the taxation year i.e. January 1st

Prices (by week)

Level* 1 2 3 4
Price $4301 $4102 $4103 $4103

* Level based on age and experience as determined by the academy director.   A minimum score of 75% is required in the staff evaluation (show me pro and counselor evaluation) otherwise the candidate may need to repeat the level.

1. Ideal for those 15 years of age as of September 30 or very little or no experience on the job. 
2. Ideal for those 16 years of age as of September 30 or very little experience on the job. 
3. Ideal for those 17 years of age as of September 30th or older and has at least one year of experience on a relevant job or in the case of the PIT4 level the candidate has several years of teaching tennis experience. The candidate only needs to pay for the 1st two weeks for level 3 and one week for level 4. Candidate must check the staff schedule for most updated times of working hours. 

NOTE: To register click the register image below and choose the Pro or Counselor in trainer 1, 2, 3 or 4 position depending on the level. 

Two testimonials and recommendations involving a PIT from PIT's!

Click here

Check out the video of what the successful completion of the Darren Teitelbaum Pro in Trainer Award Looks Like... 



Picture 1: Michael Lasko and Darren Teitelbaum successfully completing the TSPA PIT program in 2012
Picture 2: Jonah Akerman and Evan Glassman receiving the Best PIT and CIT awards, respectively, in 2013

Picture 3  Michael Naiman receiving the Best PIT award in 2013. 

Thank you speech by one of our graduates.

This might happen to YOU one day! 

 What are the hours?

For all levels, the hours are from 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday. However, once you complete two weeks of the PIT3/CIT3 or one week of the PIT4/CIT4 program, the hours then become 9-4pm. All shifts include a one-hour non-paid lunch. 

What if the PIT or CIT cannot make a shift? 

They should inform the camp director ASAP. Then, their pay would be reduced by the same amount of hours not worked or it would take the trainee slightly longer to receive pay. 

When does and how much does the CIT / PIT get paid?

Once the candidate has completed 70 hours then have the ability to earn income. After that, pay day is every two weeks on Thursday which covers the last two weeks (starting on Monday and ending on Sunday). A CIT or PIT who starts week 1 would do the training week 1 and 2 start to get paid week 3 and 4 and then get their first check on a thursday of week 5 which would cover the work done on week 3 and 4. Typically, if all hours are done they would get at least minimum wage x 35 hours per week for a pit 1 and up to $1 more per hour for the second and third level. 

Other Fees / Potential Costs

- Membership at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club is free.  (that is free!)  Download Membership CSL

All TSPA staff receive one shirt for free. All other shirts cost $30. Most PIT's or CIT's get approximately three shirts while some prefer not to do laundry all week choose to receive five shirts. 

Lunch from Solleys is available or Aqua cafe (CSL only). Click here to see the menu.  

Register in 5 easy steps...

Step 1: Make sure you read and understand the formal documentation about the program by clicking here. You will have an open book online quiz on this. 

Step 2:  Send your CV by email to along with a cover letter. In the cover letter describe why you would like to join TSPA, what makes you an ideal candidate and your experience so far with children.Please also mention any citizenship hours that you have done within your school and any volunteer experience that you may have. Please attach proof if possible. When uploading the document use your first name last name cv as the title please. 

Step 3: For new PIT’s and CIT’s please send one letter of reference if you have at least two full weeks of camp experience with us and two letters of references if you have never been to our camp before which further supports your application. The person who is writing the letter of reference can be a teacher, an instructor who knows you well and should NOT be your parent(s). Ask this person to write qualities about you which demonstrate your ability to work in a team environment and your ability to learn new tasks quickly. 

Step 4: If you have completed all of the above and you are choosen for an interview, we will contact you. Make sure you bring with you your social insurance card. Click here for information on how to get one. We suggest that you call us if you have not heard back from us within two weeks. 

Step 5:  Register using the link below. If your candidature is not retained, we will refund you. Although we work on a 1st come 1st serve basis we give priority to those who were a camper in the past or have worked for us in the past. We would need to have a registration and payment by Tuesday 9am for the following week.

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