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Send your c.v. with your cover letter to the attention of Lior Doron - Academy Director at (unless otherwise specified).

Administrative Assistant

TSPA is looking for an administrative assistant to help in delivering its services. You would be the nerve centre of the academy and eventually fully understand the entire operation. Excellent communication skills is a must in English and french. Can multi task such as answer phones, text and send an email all at the same time. Can work under pressure and can prioritize. Very good computer skills is essential such as google drive, documents and excel as well as a solid knowledge of computers and the internet is required. Good knowledge of photoshop to edit pictures would be an asset. Candidate would get the iphone 5c to also field a limited number of phone calls on weeknights and weekends.  The  candidate is organized, honest and has excellent interpersonal skills. You would be involved in marketing campaigns and in our social media  High profenciency in math is essential as well as the ability to sell tennis products and services.  You would filter calls, direct clients in registering to our services and facilitate and grow our tennis services. Knowledge of tennis and a minimum of three years administrative experience required. You will be the face and voice of the academy. You would have an office at the CSL tennis club located at 8215 Guelph and the hours are generally 8:30-4:30 Monday - Friday with some flexibility. The position starts June 25th 2018 for eight weeks with some training prior. The salary is negotiable. 

Tennis Pro, Assistant Camp Director

TSPA is looking for a pro, an assistant camp director to join its team at the Caldwell Tennis Courts in Côte Saint-Luc for their summer camp (more info). Camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4pm. The ideal candidate has a very good method of teaching tennis to kids, has an excellent ability to lead groups, animate activities (especially rainy day activities) and is a strong team player. Excellent knowledge of games and fillers an asset. Part time hours are also available. Entrepreneurial experience an asset. Prior experience with kids and tennis certification should be clearly shown in a cover letter.

If you are interested in gaining experience within our academy, join our PIT (pro in training) program. Click here for more information.


TSPA is looking for counselors. The candidate must be bilingual and a wide knowledge of games and activities for children 5-16 years old. Camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4pm. Before and after care hours are also available. Working hours vary, can be split into two and can be from 8:00 am until 6pm. The ideal candidate has an excellent ability to lead groups, especially during rainy day activities. Excellent knowledge of games and fillers a must. Part time hours are also available. Prior experience with kids required. The ability to speak more then one language including French is an asset.

Become a Pro in Trainer (PIT) or Counselor in Training (CIT). 

If you are between 15-19 years old and are interested in gaining experience within our academy, join our PIT (Pro in Trainer) or CIT (counselor in training) program. Click here for more information.

Sports Psychology Coach

TSPA is looking for a sports psychology coach to teach the sports psychology workshops (Monday - Thursday) from 13:00-15:00. Every week has a different mental skill in which you will be teaching the campers. Campers often start by writing down their days highlights followed by the mental skill topic of the week. Ideal candidate is either studying sports psychology or has graduated in that field. 


Do you like what you see with TSPA? Enjoy the positive sports psychology concept? Are you looking to gain experience? You can be the next TSPA apprentice. Volunteer your time and gain valuable skils on and off the court. Send in a one page letter on why you would like to be a TSPA apprentice while listing your strong points, background and interest in our academy. 

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