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Advertise with the Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA).

TSPA targets and caters to hundreds of young recreational athletes from 5 -17 years of age as well as parents in the Montreal area. TSPA caters to a variety of athletes, students and parents. We receive traffic mainly from:

1) Online advertising with Yahoo!, Google and their network. (If you Google "Montreal tennis lessons" or "montreal tennis camp", TSPA is on the 1st page!

2) Optimal search engine optimization

3) Strategic links between sponsors and link exchanges. They include links from popular websites such as or

4) Other advertising strategies

All ads come with the ability to get an inside page within the website. Show me.

If you would like to place an ad with us, many options are available.

Please contact us for more information or call the academy at 514-886-9929.

Here is a list of prices for regular advertising with TSPA .

Keep in mind that many options are available including setting a booth at the club in a high traffic and visible area.

List of Prices

1. Our most popular option includes sponsoring TSPA.

2) Big Banner Ad 682  (width) x 268 (height). $250 per month or $500 for the year. Get your own webpage within website. Show me

3) Small Banner Ad 242 (width) x 106 (height). $50 per month or $150 for the year. Get your own webpage within website. Show me

4) Get your own webpage within website. Show me.  $20 per month or $50 per year. No limit on the page length. You have three edits per year with each additional edit $5. 

5) Special Ads after every camper registration (until the end of August). Your text ad appears up to 500 characters ($100) with image ($10) and each additional 250 characters $25

6) Ad during one of our emails to all our clients ($5) with a link back to your site ($5). 

Graphic design available for your product or service for $50 per image with up to three changes back and forth.

Other Opportunities 

Your banner ad can appear on our forms (Camp $250) (Clinics ($100), Did You Know ($50), Contact Exchange forms ($100), Daily Schedule ($200), Quick Booking registration forms ($100), our Annual newsletter or other forms.

Email "ad" on our marketing campagin: $20 (up to two lines of text with image). 

Ask us for more information.

Where to go from here?

Step 1) Email us your banner or send us the link. Be sure to tell us exactly where you would like your banner placed (above, below, etc.). Keep in mind that in the text link you want to include your asking price, email and / or telephone number.

Step 2) Wait for confirmation (usually within two business days).

Step 3) Once your banner is accepted, go to our payment page.. You should see your ad live within 48 hours. Please note prices are in Canadian dollars.

For more information, questions concerning advertising or other similar inquiries, please do not hesitate to email or contact us.

Send an email right now!

Call: 514-886-9929.




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