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Welcome to the Tennis and Sports
Psychology Academy Inc.
(TSPA Inc.)


Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club TennisMax campers

Drop off: At the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club (8215 Guelph)

Pick up: At the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club (8215 Guelph)

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Tennis Day Camp

At the heart of TSPA is our tennis day camp for 5 -15 year- olds held at the West End Athletic Cavendish Club (more info) between June 21 - August 27, 2021. Every summer, campers at TSPA get to enjoy a wide range of activites  -- soccer, pool, and, of course, tennis --- while sharpening their mental skills though positive skills reinforcement such as earning coupons and positive living skills. Camp page

Locations & Membership Info

All TSPA activities and services are held at various locations in Côte Saint-Luc. Click on the "club info" or "court info" links below to learn more their facilities, membership rates, club policies, and schedules. TSPA has been a longtime partner with these clubs so we'll help you make the best out of them!

West End Athletic Cavendish Club | 6585 Mackle Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H4W 1Y4   club info

Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club | 8215 Guelph Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H4W 1J1  club info
Caldwell Tennis Courts | 5785 Parkhaven, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC H4W 0A4 court info

Rembrandt Park Avenue Rembrandt, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC court info

TSPA Store

Tennis gear, merchandise and VIP cards. Take me there


Tennis Clinics

60-90 minute group lessons that will improve your play, delivered by qualified, seasoned instructors. Clinics page

Private Tennis Lessons

Don't like the crowds? No problem. Find out about our private lessons.

Tennis Tutoring

Do you enjoy tennis and want to get better in school? More info

Junior League

Play matches against your fellow junior players. Available Saturdays and Sundays from 4-5:30 for members and non members. More info


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