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TSPA Inc. Take a Tour, Tennis Lessons in Montreal

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TSPA is currently operating out of six locations, all of which are outdoors except for the sports annex and Aquatic and Community Centre which are indoor facilities:


1) Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club: 8215 Guelph Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H4W1J1:  Read more about the club the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club by clicking here or download the registration form by clicking  the image   The phone number of the club is 514-487-7862Click here for more information about the club.

2) Caldwell Tennis Courts: 5785 Parkhaven Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec  H4W 1X8. Click here for more information about the courts.

3) Rembrandt Park: The corner of Rembrandt Avenue with Kildare Road and Merrimac Road in Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec.  Phone number is 514-485-6959, and for rentals dial 514-485-8912.

4) Aquatic and Community Centre: 5794 Parkhaven Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H4W 1Y1

5) Sports Annex: 6985 Mackle, Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H4W 1A5

6) West End Athletic Cavendish Club: 6585 Mackle, Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec H4W 2Y4

Taking the BMW (bus / metro / walk) to get to the club? No problem! Click here for more information.

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