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Meet the TSPA Dream Team!

Lior Doron (B.A., D.S.A., M.Sc) 514-886-9929 

Academy Director 

$60 per hour.

Lior is the Academy Director of TSPA. He carefully plans the hiring of the TSPA Dream Team, is passionately involved in the marketing and is the liaison with the city  / board of directors while planning new advertising and marketing strategies, creating partnerships with local businesses and crafting theme days, special events and much more. 

Lior's education stems with an undergraduate degree specialized in psychology. He then pursued his graduate studies with a sports administration diploma from the John Molson School of Business. His thirst for knowledge led him to apply and successfully complete a Masters in Physical Education with an emphasis in sports psychology. This degree trains students to build sports psychology programs with elite and high performance athletes so that they may create, recreate and maintain flow in their sport. Founded in 2003, Lior is also the president and owner of Flow in Sports. The site is designed and dedicated to help athletes, students and individuals create, recreate and maintain flow or reach peak performance in their lives. Coach Lior Doron has earned certification in the sports of tennis as an instructor, hockey as a referee and coach (intermediate level), baseball as an umpire and was a qualified rock climbing instructor. He also also taught and coached volleyball and basketball.

Lior has taught mainly in the high school system for almost eighteen years. 

Lior  is strictly against an all work and no fun lifestyle. Many a times, he broke free in the summer and worked in camps namely as a counselor, volleyball instructor and a land sport supervisor. Working up the food chain, he worked for international companies such as Club Med as a tennis G.O. during three different seasonal contacts. He lived in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Other contracts included working for Royal Caribbean International aboard seven different world class cruises as a junior cruise animator. This gave Lior the opportunity to travel aboard one of the world's largest cruise ships. Sailing literally all over the world allowed Lior to explore a variety of landmarks while being sensitized to the vast cultural and ethnic diversities that exist among us.



Jason Lurie

Jason Lurie is 'assistant director of operations' and returns for his 4th season with TSPA. Besides working for TSPA, Jason is a certified English Second Language teacher and a certified Sports Officiator. In 2015-2016, Jason took a year off of TSPA and went to China to teach English at a high school. Jason is also a sports enthusiast (tennis, baseball and hockey especially), and looks forward to returning to TSPA for the 2017 season to assist in making camp a great experience for the campers, parents and staff involved.


Dominic Silvaggio

Dominic is the camp director in Côte Saint Luc. He is also the soccer coach who was also the president of the Pierrefonds Soccer Association from 1996 to 1999.  He currently coaches Laurier Senior High School as well as in the Dollard Soccer Association.  He is fluent in English, French and Italian.



Michael Sidawi 

Head Tennis Pro, CTC - $50 per hour


Michael is a tennis instructor for more than 30 years teaching a plethora of privates, in clubs, camps and as a credit at the university level.

Many times a single quarter-finalist and double semi-finalist in his motherland of Lebanon, he was the head of Lebanese university tennis teams to international Universiads tournaments. He is a member of the Quebec and Lebanese Tennis Federation.




Evgueni Kravtsov -  514-909-1035  

Junior Instructor, Head tennis pro, Assistant camp director and Clinics director, WTC.  $35 per hour 

Evgueni is a graduate of the Tennis Canada certification program and is a active member of the Tennis Professionals Association. With many years of experience, Evgueni can improve your ground strokes as well as offer insightful tips to improve your game. He loves all kinds of sports and is looking forward to a great season. He is fluent in English, French and Russian.



Alex Kofman -  514-969-7527  

Jr. Instructor $35 per hour 

Alex began going to TSPA ever since he was seven years old and had been getting great tennis lessons from Lior and his team every since. There, he had gotten a lot of great training that eventually made him fall in love with the sport. Alex, now age 17, grew up to be a very passionate worker here at TSPA. He is a graduate of the TSPA PIT program (more info) and makes a great hitting partner. Alex truly is, inside and out, part of the TSPA dream team. Passionate about tennis, combative on the court, and talented as a player, Alex makes a great instructor.



Fadi Saijari  -  514-710-3126  

Junior Instructor, $30 per hour

Fadi started playing tennis since the age of 12 and has been passionate about this game ever since then. Fadi's mission is trying to reflect his passion about the game in his students at TSPA. This is Fadi's first year coaching at TSPA, and he couldn't be more psyched. Putting all the dedication and the energy Fadi has is what he will be doing during each second in his time at TSPA. Fadi is a certified instructor by Tennis Canada. 



Michael Naiman - 514-663-0625

Junior Instructor, $30  per hour 

Michael Naiman is one of our founding camp members who has been with us ever since the beginning of TSPA in 2002 and even before. He brings a wealth of experience and surely you or your child will benefit from a tennis lesson if you hire Michael for a private lesson.






Étienne Simard

Junior Instructor, WTC - $30 per hour

Étienne is a tennis enthusiast. He has played the sport since the age of 5 and has been competing since the age of 10. An elite graduate in a sports concentration program centered around tennis, he is completing a tennis certification of the Quebec Tennis Federation.  This is his third year at TSPA. He can help you perfect your tennis level.  He is welcoming, quiet and persevering.  Do you want to improve your basic techniques or develop your game strategy? He can help you be the best!



Julian Ritchie

Jr. Pro, $25 per hour

Julian Ritchie has been an active member of TSPA for quite a while now. As a child, he attended the camp as a camper and was part of the PIT program as well. Julian has multiple interests including tennis, lacrosse and soccer and loves watching his campers develop both on and off the court. He believes that learning is impossible without working hard and playing smart and will always take someone who he sees wants to reach a goal instead of pure skill.






Daniel Tehrani    

Pro in Trainer 3, $25 per hour - 514-757-3277

Daniel Tehrani is 17 years old and makes for a great lesson especially for youngsters up to 11 years old. He plays piano, reads tons of books and plays squash, badminton, ping pong and hockey. It is his second year at TSPA and first year as a pro in trainer.




Jonathan Teitelbaum 

Pro in Trainer 3, $27 per hour - 514-318-4838

Jonathan is 15 years old and loves tennis. This is his 4th year at TSPA and his 1st as a pro in trainer. He looks forward to teaching tennis and entertaining the campers. Apart from tennis, he enjoys hockey, baseball and animals.












Sichen He

Pro In Trainer 1, $20 per hour


This is Sichen's second year as a Pro In Trainer at TSPA.  He is 15 years old.  He really enjoys playing tennis, which makes this camp an extremely satisfying experience for him.  Other than tennis, he loves ping pong, volleyball, basketball, music, reading, traveling, etc.  He is fluent in both English and French and looks forward to meeting the staff and campers.



Victor Ruggi -


Assistant Academy Director


All the way from the Saint-Michel borough, summer 2017 will be Victor's fifth and possibly last year working for TSPA's Côte Saint-Luc location.  Victor currently attends Dawson College and is studying Computers.  He has already had experience playing tennis with campers and staff of all ages in the past and is knowledgeable about various computer programs and software such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).  In the fall of 2016, Victor expanded his programming skills into the mobile programming world, where he learned how to code an application for an Android device.  He is also the rapper in TSPA's second official promotional theme song, "T-SPA", where he goes by the name "Ruggish" (RUG-ish) Victor Ruggi.


Victor's hobbies include bowling (he plays in a league when it is not the summertime), making movies, making computer programs and websites, and watching various sports on TV.  He is pretty good at both tennis and bowling, and is also very smart.  As far as his computer skills are concerned, he has made apps in Java that simulate popular game shows and that predict the results of his favorite sports teams' games.  As a result, Victor identified himself as a proponent of having mental toughness and intelligence both on and off the courts.


Victor is also a skilled Connect 4 player.  As a result, Victor instituted a new camp policy: any camper who defeated him in a game of Connect 4 earned a coupon.  Victor always made the first move as a way to better increase his chances of winning.


In late January 2017, Victor was promoted to the Assistant Academy Director position of TSPA.  Victor now holds some executive decisions as to what types of outings TSPA can go on. 


Victor speaks English, French and Spanish.


Fun fact: Although Victor most applied a new grip to his racket for the 2015 season which makes his racket look brand new, Victor's racket was purchased in 2002. It was a gift to him from his father, who played tennis often during the summertime when Victor was a lad.







Jesy Nadeau

Jesy is an experienced soccer player and coach at both regional and scholastic levels. He will lead the soccer program at the Woodland Tennis Club. 


Gabbie Dobias

Gabbie is a soccer coach for the Côte Saint-Luc location. She is from Halifax, Nova Scotia where she began playing soccer at a very young age. She is a passionate player who is on the Concordia Stingers varsity soccer team. Using her energetic and dynamic personality Gabbie shares her love of the sport while ensuring the participation and joy of the children with soccer activities and games.  



Marco De Caro (MSc, MBPsS)
Admin/Sport Psychology

Marco began working for TSPA in 2012. He performs administrative tasks, in addition to working with individual athletes in psychological skills and peak performance training, with teams to improve group dynamics, and to facilitate learning by developing e-learning courses using the Moodle platform.
Marco has a BA Specialisation Psychology from Concordia University and an MSc in Sport Science (Sport Psychology) from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, he has just completed a Graduate Certificate in Statistics from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and plans to pursue a doctorate. He is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and conducts research on the topics of sport psychology, cognition, and linguistics.
Marco enjoys technology, fitness, and reading. He is an avid ice hockey and football (soccer) fan, and is a certified ice hockey official.



Ezaz Hussain

Ezaz is currently working for TSPA as an administrative assistant and doing a variety of tasks during the off season.



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