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Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA) Registration for the PIT (Pro in Training) or CIT (Counsellor in Trainer) Program

Instructions: Fill out all three parts (I, II and III). If you are a returning PIT or CIT and all the information is all the same for part II and III, only fill out part I and IV. When you finish completing this form, click the submit button located at the bottom of the screen.

* = required information


• The cost of registration for one week for PIT or CIT 1 is $220 per week. For those registering for the PIT or CIT 2, it is $190 per week. Part - time (half days) applications are accepted and are pro-rated. If you cannot make a shift, it cannot be made-up. If accepted, you will get the 1st TSPA shirt for free but then would need to purchase additional shirts.

Part I Weekly Session

Required Information

*PIT / CIT First Name:

*PIT / CIT Last Name:

  PIT/CIT 1,2 or 3?:

Skill Level:

(1.0-4.5 | Click self rating guide

Birth Date:

Age as of September 30th:
What is your social insurance number?

Special requests (leave blank if none). How many shirts will you get in total? Would you like a lunch? What is your shirt size? Please specify i.e. adult small, adult large, adult medium, adult XL, etc. Click here to see the lunch menu.

Please click to add a check mark next to the week(s) you would like as a PIT or CIT to join the camp. If you are registering for our daily sessions only, click the weeks below and then the day of the week below. Click here to see the weeks.

Week 1 Tennis Rules

Week 2 Goal Setting

Week 3 Motivation

Week 4 Confidence.

Week 5 Self Talk

Week 6 Focus

Week 7 Mental Imagery

Week 8 Optimism

Week 9 Communication & Team Building

Part I - Daily Sessions

This section is reserved for those who are interested in registering for less than one week. If this is not the case, move on to part II.

Step 1: Check off the appropriate week above

Step 2: Check off the day(s) of the week below

Step 3: Indicate whether your camper will come all day (8:30-4:30 pm), for the morning session (8:30-12) or afternoon session (1-4pm).

Step 4: Continue with the rest of the registration process

Which day(s) of the week will your PIT / CIT attend (only check off if you are registering per day). If you want to register for more then one week, you must re-register again (click the back button once you click on the submit button at the bottom of this screen).

Afternoon Afternoon




Part II

Medical Information
of Your PIT

Medicare Card:

Expiration Date:


Female Male


Yes No

Allergic to food(s):

Yes No

If yes, specify:

Allergic to medication?:

Yes No

If yes, specify:

Other relevant medical information.:

Part III

New PIT's Only

PIT Email:


Apartment Number (Leave blank if none):


Province / State:

Postal code:


Home Phone:


How did you find out about our academy?:

If other, please specify:

Father's Information

Father's First Name:

Father's Last Name:

Home phone:
(if different)

Work (include extension):


Other (specify):


Mother's Information

Mother's First Name:

Mother's Last Name:

Home Phone:
(if different)

Work (include extension):


Other (specify):


Other Emergency (list the name(s):

Can we add your email(s) to our email list? This is our primary way of communicating with you. We do not sell our lists.

Yes No


Part IV

If accepted, how will you pay for the PIT program? Click here for more information on payment options.

*Your full name (must be the parent's of the PIT / CIT).:

Your Email:

* I understand and agree to all the TSPA terms and conditions.


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