TSPA Inc. (Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy Inc.) Consent Form 2021

TSPA has formed an agreement with the City of Cote Saint-Luc (CSL) and the City of Montreal (herein collectively the “City”) to run tennis services at the Caldwell Tennis Courts (CTC), the Cote St. Luc Tennis Club (CSLTC) and the West End Athletic Cavendish Club (WEC) (CTC, CSLTC and WEC collectively the “Club”). The CTC weekly fee is $290 per week, the CSLTC weekly fee is $310 per week, and the WEC fees are as follows: $200 per week for the recreational camp, and $300 for the high-performance TennisMax camp. 

Club Policies and Uniform: I have read and understood the club's rules and regulations as well as the city rules and regulations on their property. This includes required tennis shoes in order to participate on the tennis courts at the Club. Boy’s shirts and girls’ tops with or without a collar must be designed for tennis. Although white is recommended, solid colours are permitted. No jeans, torn clothes or Bermuda shorts are allowed. The shirt can have a small logo or decal but no wording should be on it. Boy’s shirts must have sleeves.

Nut Free Environment: Participants are asked to bring snacks or lunches that are peanut free. Check lunches and snacks for peanut products to avoid any chance of a reaction.

Pick-up: Arrangements must be made with Camp Staff if someone other than the parent/guardian will be signing out their child. Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up their children no later than 6:00 p.m. If pick up occurs after this time late charges will apply at the rate of $5.00 per 15 minute increment (pick-up after 6:00 p.m. costing $5.00, pickup after 6:15 p.m. costing $10.00, etc.). Children will not be released into the care of any individual other than a parent/guardian, unless prior arrangements are made with Camp staff.

Medicine Administration If a participant requires the administration of medicine during program hours parents are instructed that it be sent to camp in the original container labelled with the participant’s name and the exact dosage to be received. Medicine must be given to the staff by parents/guardians and returned to parents/guardians at the end of the day. Epipens are the exception. Participants who need an epi-pen should carry it on them at all times. You hereby and unconditionally grant permission to TSPA staff to administer medication to your children when necessary. Children with life threatening allergies and their parents have a responsibility to avoid allergens, wear a medical alert bracelet at all times, promptly inform staff as soon as exposure occurs, keep necessary medicines on them at all times, know how to use their medications, provide their own Anaphylaxis kits, and meet with staff and discuss the life threatening allergy in regards to allergic signs, symptoms, treatment, and what precautions need to be taken. Please note: discuss your child’s age-appropriate responsibilities, complete and Anaphylaxis Action Plan, ensure all staff are aware of the allergy in question, ensure that an epi-pen is with your child at all times, an ambulance will be called anytime and epi-pen is administered or when an anaphylactic reaction is suspected.

Use of image or video: I hereby consent and authorize Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy Inc. Inc. (hereafter called “TSPA”) to use any photograph, image, quote, newspaper article or video about the registered child for the purpose of promoting TSPA to the general public which includes but is not limited to the internet site of tspa.ca, facebook.com, youtube.com, linkedin.com etc. I understand and consent that these images, pictures or video may be used for future TSPA promotional purposes, without any compensation.

Suspension from camp: Any child that engages in drugs or alcohol consumption, or puts in danger the safety or well-being of another child or behaves in any other harmful way, may be dismissed from camp without any recourse or reimbursement of any fees. Other types of behaviour which may give rise to suspension or termination include but are not limited to physical & verbal abuse, theft, cigarette smoking, intentional destruction of TSPA or the city of Montreal or Côte Saint-Luc property, refusal to comply with instructions from TSPA staff and any other behaviour that is illegal, dangerous or offensive in the discretion of the Director may be sanctioned by suspension. The parent / guardian shall be responsible for any damages to property (TSPA, City of CSL, Montreal) caused by the child.

Cancellation, refunds, unpaid fees and credits: I understand and agree that if I decide to cancel the child’s enrollment for any reason whatsoever more than 14 days prior to the beginning of the week camp for which the child is registered, I will receive at my option either 1) a refund of what I have paid less a $50 administrative fee OR, 2) a credit for the full amount paid, which credit may only be applied towards a future (within the current calendar year) TSPA activity such as summer camp, clinics or tournament fees. There will be no refund if I cancel the child’s enrollment within 14 days prior to the start of his/her weekly session. Changes to the camp days or weeks identified at the time of registration shall not be authorised, unless previously approved in writing by TSPA and subject to availability. Should TSPA, in its entire discretion, approve such changes in the days or weeks of camp, a $50 administrative fee shall be payable.  There is no refund or credits if a child misses one or more days of camp or if the weather does not permit playing tennis. A monthly 2% interest charge will apply on all overdue payments after the 1st day of camp registered. I am authorized to terminate this Agreement at any time, upon no less than 14 days prior written notice to TSPA subject to the conditions herein. Should my subscription (or any portion thereof) be at a promotional rate, namely any rate lower than the regular rate, then I agree to pay TSPA (i) the difference between the regular rate and the promotional rate for the weeks of camp I attended, and should I not provide the entire 14 day cancellation notice, (ii) a cancellation fee equal to the cost of camp at the regular rate (on a daily or weekly basis) for each day of required notice not provided by me. Further, I understand that any information which is found to be false will automatically cancel the registration, without recourse for refund.

Acknowledgement: I hereby acknowledge that TSPA is an independent entity not related to the City in which the child participates. In consideration of the foregoing, I further acknowledge that:

  • The City has no obligation whatsoever to me or my child regarding the said activity, including, but not limited to, instruction, supervision, or obligations to perform said activities. I understand that should I not be pleased with the quality of the instruction or should the activity be cancelled for whatever reason the City cannot be held liable;
  • I shall indemnify and hold harmless TSPA, its employees, officers and shareholders, the City of CSL, Montreal, its Council, employees, volunteers, insurers, and any other representative of the City whomsoever, for any loss whatsoever to me or my minor child registering in the Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy Camp. The type of loss includes, but is not limited to, accident, injury, theft, loss of items, or any other corporal, material, and moral prejudice, which I or my child may allege to have suffered, the whole under reserve of public order provisions of applicable law;
  • I further acknowledge and understand all risks relating to the activity for which I register my child, whether inherent therein or foreseeable or not, and I hereby release TSPA, the City, its Council, employees, volunteers, insurers, consultants, and any other representative of the City and TSPA whomsoever accordingly.
  • If I submit this online form in my capacity either as a parent or guardian, to enable a minor to participate in a program, I acknowledge it is subject to the same waiver as I am the participant. In situations where any services are required due to an emergency, such as ambulance, the entire cost is to be covered by the guardian or parent. I hereby authorize, at my expense, whatever medical treatment my child (if applicable) may require in the event of any emergency. I understand that I am urged to obtain my own insurance coverage.

I hereby give my consent to TSPA to release my and my child’s personal contact information to the City for the purpose of creating a mailing list of tennis players to inform them of special events and activities to take place at the Club. I understand that all mailings will be addressed to my attention, that my child’s personal information will be used exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and that my consent can be withdrawn, in writing at any time.

I am aware that there may be camp outing / field trip during a rainy day and / or to the Roger’s Cup (August 7, 2018) / or at the Mont Saint-Sauveur water park (July 10, 2018) (in the city of Saint-Sauveur, Québec), or at Parc Safari (July 3, 2018) or at the La Ronde amusement park (July 24, 2018) as well as a daily trip (CSL location only) from the Caldwell Tennis Courts to the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club throughout the camp season which will require transportation or walking from the Caldwell courts. Unless otherwise indicated in writing, I hereby consent to such off-site field trips and camp outings. I shall not hold TSPA, the or their respective representatives, liable for any loss of property, however caused. I shall be fully responsible for any and all loss or damage that my child inflicts upon any person or property during his/her participation in the camp activities, or its employees or representatives, and liable for any loss of property, however caused. I shall be fully responsible for any and all loss or damage that my child inflicts upon any person or property during his/her participation in the camp activities. We take the bus and may walk to the Club in CSL and we walk to the Notatorium on a daily basis.

I authorize that campers may walk supervised by a staff to Quartier Cavendish or Nathan Shuster Park.

Cancellation Policy for Private Tennis Lessons & Clinics: If I cancel a private or semi-private lesson I must advise the tennis pro by phone or email at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise I will be charged the full lesson fee. A clinic is a group lesson which shall take place only if at least two people have subscribed, and is usually comprised of up to six people. Tennis lessons and clinics purchased shall be used during the calendar year of the purchase; otherwise, the fee paid will be lost and no reimbursement shall be paid. If I cancel a clinic or lesson I will lose the full session fee unless I advise TSPA by 1) cancelling through the online reservation system, 2) phone at 514-886-9929 or 3) via email (info@tspa.ca) in which you may make up the lesson within the same season if space is available. If a lesson is cancelled due to weather, an email will be sent to you confirming the cancellation, thereafter, at least two hours before the lesson. Any make up lessons shall be pre-approved by TSPA. you may make up a lesson by registering online, by phone or at the club. You can only register if there is space within your skill level and or age as judged by the TSPA tennis staff.

TSPA, the Club and the City of are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. NSF (non-sufficient fund) cheques will result in a $50 administrative charge. Only written requests will be considered for refund.
I, the undersigned hereby grant the child permission to attend The Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA) and the various activities related for the 2018 season within the City and Club. I have read and understood the consent form above.
To the best of my knowledge, there exists no physical impairment that would affect or be affected by my child’s participation in TSPA apart from those special needs I have outlined in the registration form. I acknowledge and agree that at TSPA there is an inherent risk of accident, injury or illness and that the child will be participating in an activity that may include, but not be limited to, body contact with other persons or objects, including the ground. I HEREBY RELEASE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE TSPA, its partners, agents, officers, shareholders, employees, sponsors, advertisers, the City, the Club, and its respective personnel, agents, officers, members, volunteers, consultants, and employees and other participants (each considered one of the "RELEASES" herein) FROM ALL LIABILITY, CLAIMS, DEMANDS, LOSSES, OR DAMAGES ON MY ACCOUNT CAUSED OR ALLEGED TO BE CAUSED IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE "RELEASEES" OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING NEGLIGENT RESCUE OPERATIONS.

I have expressly requested that this document be drafted in the English language.