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Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA) Registration for the Chill Zone

Instructions: Chill zone are for campers who are non-members of the club and or members who are less then 11 years old as of September 30th. Sessions take place Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 8:30 and from 4pm - 6pm. Fill out all three parts (I, II and III). When you finish completing this form, click the submit button located at the bottom of the screen.

* = required information


• The cost of registration for chill zone is $10 for each day of camp or $25 for the week. Staff members arrive at 8:00am. Let us know if you will be there earlier and are available from 4-6pm. Let us know if your child will stay longer under exceptional circumstances. The cost after 4pm is $10 per hour.


Part I

Required Information

*Child's first name

*Child's last name:

*Membership information of the child

Club Member



Special requests (leave blank if none)


Part II

Please click to add a check mark next to the week) you would like your child to join the chill zone. If

Week 1 (June 21-26) Tennis Rules

Week 2 (June 28 -July 2) Goal Setting

Week 3 (July 5 - 9) Motivation

Week 4 July 12 - 16 Confidence

Week 5 July 19 - 23 Self Talk

Week 6 July 25 - 29 Focus

Week 7 August 2 - 6 Mental Imagery

Week 8 August 9 - 13 Optimism

Week 9 August 16 - 20 Communication & Team Building

Week 10 August 24 - August 28


Part III

Chill Zone Registration






*Your full name

Your email

* I understand and agree to all the TSPA terms and conditions. Please pay the chill zone at the end of each day (cash or cheque payable to TSPA). Please note you may pre-pay for the week.


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