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TSPA Inc. Take a Tour, Tennis Lessons in Montreal

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Special bonuses of up to $302...

Bonus #1: $100 gift certification to purchase products from our boutique  (show me) (value of $100, total value of $100)

Bonus #2: Either $100 off our tennis camp, more info value of $100 or the second week of registration would be FREE (value of up to $275, total value $375). 

Bonus #3:  one free clinic more info  (value of $34.50, total value $409.50)

Bonus #4: one free private lesson (value of $45, total value $454.50)

Bonus #5: Receive three private tennis lessons at 50% off More info (value of $67.50, total value $522 ).

Special bonus #1: you will also receive a coupon code that you can share with all your friends for the entire season in which they can save $20 off our summer camp. 

Please note a non-member fee at the Woodland or Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club or the court fee at the Caldwell Tennis Court  is not included. 

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