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Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Woodland Tennis Club

Recent Activities Driving More Members to the Club

Interested in joining a club or playing tennis but just don't know where to go? Interested in playing outside on clay courts and enjoying the sun before you hibernate for the winter? Here are 9 reasons why you should visit the Woodland Tennis Club

#9: New Board of Directors 

The Woodland Tennis Club Board of Directors is pleased to have a new committe. (find out who they are). 

#8: Extended Playing Hours 

Whether you like to play in the morning, afternoon, evenings or all of the above, the club opens up early and closes late. Find out exactly the hours. 

#7: Club Socials

On August 31, 2011, the club had a social with about 20 members who enjoyed BBQ hot dogs (thank you Richard Corbeil) and tennis activities. Socials such as these bond fellow members closer together and take place throughout the season. The club is known for other socials such as corn on the cob and a catered dinner - the perfect receipe before a five set match.  Take a look at the pictures! 

#6: Great Tennis Courts with a Great Location 

By midseason in 2011, the club installed a state of the art underground sprinkler system which allows for more efficient watering system. The club recently added 36 bags (80 pound / bags) of hartru for top dressing which reduced low spots, evened out the entire courts (no more excuses) and provided a professionally looking court.

#5: TSPA Dream Team

The club is composed of talented tennis instructors who are not only passionate of the game but also knowledgeable and will increase the quality of your game.Find out more

#4: Group Lessons at a Fraction of the Price

Tired of paying high fees for lessons? Joining clinics at the Woodland Tennis Club is your solution. We've got a promotion that no other tennis club in the city can match. Find out how low the prices are for group lessons.  You can also join a class at any time. Find out about the classes that are going on right now.Take me to the schedule of clinics.  You just need tologin to the site (create an account if you have not done so already), and click Woodland Tennis Club.

#3: Private Lessons

Don't like the crowds? No problem. Enjoy a private or semi-private lesson that allow you to receive individual attention by our qualified team of instructors. Find out the rates which have not changed in the last seven years (and we don't plan on changing them any time soon). 

#2: World Famous Tennis Camp

Get your junior tennis player to participate in our world famous tennis camp. Clients come from near and far to join our camp. Known for its positive atmosphere, mental skills training (find out more about sports psychology) and tons of fun, the camp is one of the best in the city.Read more. Check out our pictures on facebook and videos on youtubeBe sure to like us on facebook or subscribe to our videos to get instant rebates only received to our loyal followers. 

And the #1 reason you should visit the Woodland Tennis Club is:

#1: Very little (if any) waiting time!

If you just want to come and play in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, have comfort that rather then wait for a court, you will play! Even if you are not a member (find out the rates), the cost is only $12 per player. The nominal fee gives you membership priviledges for the entire day.

Keeping Tennis in Mind,

Lior Doron B.A., D.S.A., M.Sc.

Tennis & Sports Psychology Academy Director 


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