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TSPA Lessons @ the Woodland Tennis Club

TSPA Lessons @ the Woodland Tennis Club


Thank you for your interest in taking tennis lessons with us. Here is our price-list for lessons. If you want to save money on lessons, then read more about our TSPA VIP card.

Desription Price
Pro in Trainer 1 $20 / hour
Pro in Trainer 2 $20 / hour
Pro with approximately one year teaching experience $25 / hour
Jr. Tennis Instructor (one - four years experience) $30 / hour
Sr. Tennis Instructor (five or more years experience) $40 / hour
Additional Player to Lesson Add $10 per player
Guest Fee $12
Smile with lesson Free :)


Example #1: Raphael Nadal wants a tennis lesson with a jr. instructor with two years of teaching experience. Raphael does not live in Montreal and decided that he will not to join the Woodland tennis club (although he usually comes here once every two years :) The cost is $35 per hour plus $12 as a guest fee for a total of $47.

Example #2: Serena Williams, a member of the club, takes a tennis lesson with a senior pro and would like to invite a non-member (perhaps her sister Venus) to join in on the lesson. The cost is $35 for the lesson plus $12 for an additional player = $47. Please note that Serena, the non-member, would have to pay $12 as a guest fee. Total cost is $57.

Example #3: John Mcenroe, a non-member of the club takes a tennis lesson for 1 hour with a senior tennis instructor and decides to stay and practice his serve and yelling after the lesson with other club members. The cost is $35 for the lesson + $12 = $47. We also suggest he reads the rule book.

Please note that the smile with the lesson comes with all lessons.

For More Information

Call 514-886-9929 and ask us about getting a tennis lesson. You may also email us at for more information.

Click here to meet the TSPA Staff and choose who you would like to choose as your tennis instructor!

Do you want to find out about our VIP card and save on lessons? Tell me more.

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