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Newsletter 2021

July 22, 2021



   As we customarily do, we offer an assessment of how things are going. And, I am pleased to say, the grades are in... and we get an A+    

   Okay, joking aside, here is a mid-season update. 



Our West End location has had the pool once a week (on Mondays) since the start of camp. That is going great. We may even get it more often in the weeks to come. Ask your camp director Mike Jabbour if there are changes at the beginning of the week. All locations are in full operation and extremely busy. Happy campers = happy parents = happy TSPA staff. Things are going smooth and we are happy to be offering what we call the TSPA experience: an amazing blend of great memories, friends and tennis skill development. (more info). 

We are asking for your help by making sure you provide your child with at least two masks per day as we use them as we enter our indoor facilities. 

Special: Wants to save $100 off of camp fees. Use our refer a friend promotion. Learn more. 

Cancellation Policy: We are so sure that your child will love our camp, that we are prepared until the end of the season to offer you a full refund less $50 even if you cancel at the last minute with us. In addition, if you show us that your child is cancelling from another camp, we will pay up to $50 of cancellation fees from another camp. Why go elsewhere when you have TSPA? 


For the 1st time in a long time, I am leading a league on Thursdays for advanced adult players in which we will play three sets of doubles. It is from 6-8pm.  Space is extremely limited and works on a 1st come 1st serve basis. This year's CSL members have priority registration until within 48 hours of play in which registration will be open to the public. We also offer a junior league for those who can hit about 10 balls in a row from the baseline on Saturdays and Sundays from 4-5:30pm. What a great way to get some match play! The cost is $14 for members and $20 for non-members. More info and register. 

If you don't know this yet, I have a mobile shop which travels around Cote Saint-Luc exchanging coupons with prizes. On Fridays I am at the Caldwell Tennis Courts from 12:30-1:15pm and from 3:30-4:30pm at the West End Gym. We can also meet by appointment or if you purchase through our online store with a $5 travel fee. Shop on the online store. I have purchased a ton of junior shoes (usually fitting up until eight years old). The cost is either $60 or $80 and makes for a great savings when you compare to the regular price of shoes. You can be set for years to come if your purchase through TSPA. Remember, every coupon is a savings of 50 cents and we can mix and match coupons and money. From time to time, I don't even mind some bargaining (especially from the kids!). More info on coupons. 

Hitting Partner

Don't want to pay full price on private lessons (learn more)? We are introducing a new service called hitting partner and will be a 15% discount on what you see as the hourly fee on private lessons. The pro must agree to this as well but the idea is to play matches or points without a basket of balls. Beat the pro and we'll offer you another coupon! 

Save Even More Money

We have a few other ways to save money and we'll add at least one more by early August so check back on the page soon. Save money.


We'll see you on the tennis courts!


P.S. Needless to say, we're giving ourselves an A+ rating. Use our services and see for yourself! 


July 1, 2021


I am so relieved that governmental restrictions are starting to ease. Tennis has been one of the 1st sports to be allowed to be played during and towards the end of the pandemic as it is not only a beautiful sport to play but also one that can be played from a distance. Please allow me to update you on several items. 


The most popular camp in the City is beginning very soon! (see video and brochure). Our week “0” starts June 21st at the West End Athletic Cavendish Club. If your child is off that week or would like to get a head start on the summer, join us for the week, day or even a half day. Anyone who signs up for the week gets three free tennis lessons. A coupon code will be emailed to you. (more info). See a pizza party video from last year! 

We have opened up half days on all locations except for the “tennis max” program at the CSL Tennis Club which, in this location, will be open one week prior to the start of camp since spots are extremely limited. This means if your child wants to attend morning only from 9-12 or afternoon only from 1-4pm on a particular day - even if it’s last minute, it is possible. 

Campers at the CSL Tennis Club may be transported by car with Michael (the camp director) or another one of our pros (myself included) from the Club to the Caldwell Tennis Courts. The City is suggesting that we have limited access to the Clubhouse and since courts would be wet, we would then shift to our indoor facility which is the Wagar high school in which we would have access to a bym. We’ll also send an email in the morning or if the pick-up location has changed. Please check our homepage for an update.

Our Caldwell location with the partnership within the City of CSL allows us to operate Monday - Friday from 9-4pm. 

Pool Update: For the Caldwell location, we will be able to go, for now, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At the West End Gym, we may not have access to the pool unfortunately as the pool has had some maintenance issues which has caused it to shut down. If things change, please make sure to bring a bathing cap! 

Our camp directors at the CSL Tennis Club for our tennis max program will be Michael Sidawi, for our Caldwell location Ben Kepes and at the West End Gym Mike Jabbour. We are pleased to be the tennis camp within the City of CSL and it is worth mentioning that we will be doing other sports as well such as basketball, soccer and other field games. You can see their contact information as well as all our staff by clicking here

Save Money: Please note our refer a friend promotion is back! It can save you $100! See below or this link

New Hires:

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Amir who was ranked a top junior not that long ago in his native country of Iran. He is soft spoken but big in heart with an obvious love in tennis. We have also hired Alex Mahut who is a young passionate tennis pro. Both new hires are certified tennis pros from the Federation of Canada and have successfully completed their accreditations from the Tennis Professional Association. They will make a good fit in the TSPA Dream Team. 

Junior League

We are pleased to offer a junior league for those 10-17 years old or those whose skill level is about 2.5 and higher. Sign up through our website and Amir will be overseeing this free-play activity. (more info).   

Save Money:

We have brought back our refer a friend promotion which will save you and give your referral a $100 discount if you refer us a new camper (more info). 

Our virtual open house was a success! You may see the video and if you fill out this attendance form,  we’ll credit your account $10 for your support. 

VIP Card. For those who want to save up to $11 per lesson, purchase our VIP card. You benefit from a $5 per hour savings on jr or sr pro rates and do not have to pay any court fees (more info). 

Private Lessons:

Don’t like the crowds? Improve your game 1:1 or bring a friend to make it a semi-private lesson. Book a private lesson with our pros. More info

Social Media:

We have posted several videos on social media that we are pleased to share. You can see the videos of Jason one of our newest pros, Michael leading a class, Alex Kofman teaching (watch until the end as Anthony Housefather, member of parliament, recommends a tennis lesson with Lior. Junior Bitare working on some volleys, Radu teaching adults and we’ve taken one from the archives in a lesson with Lior

Questions and Answers:

In this section, we’ve outlined a few popular questions.

Camp: Can a child attend part of the week? Yes, in fact they can come for a full day or even a half day only. 

Clinics: Can I sign up for clinics without a commitment, no court fees, no membership requirement and at the last minute? In a word; yes! Login, click register and follow the prompts. (more info). Our family day is the most popular option on the weekend (learn more). 

Private Lessons: Can I contact a pro to set-up a private lesson? Yes, you can visit the staff page to see the list of pros along with their availability. Contact them via email, phone or text. 

What are your four favourite letters? TSPA :) 


We’ll see you on the courts!


Lior Doron

Academy Director 



P.S. As many of you may know, I also work as a mental performance consultant as part of the stringent requirements of the Canadian Sports Psychology Association. I have been leading discussions with elite athletes and was pleased to have interviewed Kerry Fraser - legendary retired ice-hockey official.  Listen and watch the interview.


May 13, 2021


A few important items as the season has officially begun. We are now operating out of four locations within the City of CSL. Tennis? Think TSPA! What are you waiting for; get involved! 


Camp update at Caldwell

We have opened up the 1st week of camp - the week of June 28th. We have not received confirmation whether or not we can operate on July 1st at Caldwell but the chances look very good. Besides, we will allow those who attend Caldwell to attend the camp at the West End as an alternative in the case that this location is not operational. Please let us know if you want to switch locations - particularly this week if this has not been done yet. It is worth noting that this year there will be lots of construction within the school. They are redoing one side of the parking lot and installing an elevator and a ramp for wheelchair access. It will be noisy and dusty but we will do our best to work around these obstacles. We are still awaiting confirmation whether or not we can have the camp past noon on Fridays but we have been told by a representative of the EMSB school board that the chances are “approximately 99%”. 


Tennis Club

We are pleased that the tennis club located at 8215 Guelph is open. It is a beautiful place to learn tennis, meet people and exercise. Remember to be wearing tennis or flat soled running shoes. You can see more information by clicking here and downloading the memberships form. You can present yourself when you are ready to become a member and instantly play. They work on a 1st come 1st serve basis and it is known as the “best kept secret” in town. 

We are introducing round robins, a combination of drills and play with Michael Sidawi on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-12pm (noon). Exceptionally, this Friday we will also have a session. The cost is $20 for members and $26 for non-members. We will have four courts and it should be an amazing experience. This is ideal for strong beginners and up. When you login to our site, you will notice the sessions that are available. 

Sid is also running his Monday night doubles league for adults. This extremely popular session sells out quickly. Contact him directly to get into his mailing list. (Sid Rath, 514-909-9453, 

Juniors 10-17 years old will have an opportunity to play games every Saturday and Sunday against other members ($20) and non-members ($26). Lior will be organining this and it is designed for strong beginner players and up. Single and doubles matches will be available. Once again, login and choose your child when making the reservation. 

Thursday nights will feature advanced doubles for adults organized by Lior. The cost will be $14 as a member and $20 as a non-member. Right now, we are limited to 16 players. This will start on June 3rd. 

As always, we give group lessons or clinics every day for as low as $15. Tax included and no membership required. See the schedule


Virtual Open House

We are pleased to offer a virtual open house - our first ever! Take a tour of our website, our facilities, learn more about our camp, clinics and private lessons, and ask questions directly to me. Anyone attending will earn a $20 credit into their account or $10 if they see the recording later and fill out an attendance form. Join us online Sunday May 16th at 8pm. Link is below.

password ATPSTSPA 


We’ll see you on the courts,

Lior Doron

Academy Director




May 7, 2021


Camp Update

For those who are choosing to attend the Caldwell Tennis Courts location or switching to the new location, things change fast! We are making arrangements in order to have access to the Wagar school on Fridays past 12 noon. This means we will most likely have access to full days everyday including Fridays and even July 1st!  We may also have access to classrooms which will further enhance the TSPA experience and separate campers. Since our last email, we have had many requests to transfer from one location to another. For example, if you have already registered with us, you are registered at the West End Cavendish Athletic Club. To move to the Caldwell Tennis Courts, the added cost would be the $80 membership which allows your child to play tennis at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club which features 9 clay courts with no court fees until the middle of October. There will be activities we will set up for them and we can help you match up with other juniors so that they can play on their own. However, if you are attending camp with us, we ask that you give us the paper form registration so that instead of paying $100+ for the junior membership, it is only $80. Please also note that the last week of operations at the Caldwell Tennis Courts is the week of August 9th. For the CSL Tennis Club, the 1st week is June 28th and camp is open for eight weeks. For the West End location, our 1st week is June 21st in which we are open for half days this week and we run for 10 weeks in that location ending on the week of August 23rd. 


Clinics with the City of CSL

As you may know the City of Côte Saint-Luc also has registration for clinics. These lessons feature a more long term commitment. Almost all lessons are sold out. However, there is still space for the adult lessons on Tuesdays (4 week commitment) for strong beginners, intermediates and advanced players. The 1st session starts on May 18th; the second on June 22nd and a third one on July 27th. The cost is $80 for residents and $100 for non-residents. There is also the popular 50+ program that has a 10 week commitment on either Tuesdays or Fridays from 10-12pm which starts on May 18th or May 21st. The cost for that is $95 for residents or $115 for non-residents. The only way to register for these lessons are with the City of CSL. These will also sell out fast so hurry and get with the program (register online with the City of CSL). As always, we offer lessons everyday (for children and adults) in which you can register through our website, by logging in, and clicking register. 


Tennis Club Update

The tennis club located at 8215 Guelph with its 9 clay courts, heated pool and clubhouse should be opening up by this weekend (weather dependent). You can always call to find out the status of the courts by calling 514-487-7862. In order to play there, it works on a first come first serve basis. Without a membership, the cost is $15 as a resident or $18 as a non-resident. Juniors can play for $8 as a resident or $10 as a non-resident. Ideally, you would join the tennis club too and it is worth mentioning that there is a one-time $100+ reduction for first time registration if you join as an adult or family (more info). You may also choose to register online (online registration). If you decide to join the club, the $80 membership fee will be refunded or waived if you are registering at either the Caldwell Tennis Courts or the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club. 


    Any questions or comments? I am here to help you get on the tennis courts! 


Tennis with positive sports psychology,


Lior Doron

Academy Director




P.S. We have a great selection of shoes (for juniors only, for children 10 years and younger) for as low as $60; we also have junior racquets for $40 and strong adult beginner racquets for only $65 (only a few left at this price). Simply make an appointment to shop; every $20 spent with us earns you another coupon! (Find out what to do with all these coupons by clicking here).


May 4, 2021


    As the weather warms up, so is our season! Have I mentioned lately that we are giving tennis lessons every day? Why not join us for one in either a private lesson (more info) or a group lesson that is called a clinic which is as low as $15 for the hour (tax included and no membership required)? We will be integrating lessons in three locations now in Côte Saint-Luc. We have recently posted a more detailed schedule of lessons which separates juniors (recreational and more advanced) as well as adults who may be a strong beginner and adults. More info. We are also pleased to introduce to you our newest pro Jason Lurie which recently made headlines on our social media platform. See our latest TikTok video. We are also excited to announce a new tennis pro who will act as our camp director; more news to follow. 


Gift Cards are Back! With Added Bonuses

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this is a great time in order to give the gift of tennis. Anyone’s birthday coming up? Do you have a friend or family member who may enjoy learning the sport? More info. Make an appointment by writing back to us at or replying to this email and let us know the cash purchase value and we will give YOU a credit in your account. For example, a gift to someone for: 


$100-$499: 5% credit

$500-$999: 7.5% credit

$1000-$1500: 10% credit


Therefore, purchase a $500 gift card for example, and you will get $37.50 in YOUR account. An email will be sent to the person you choose to give a gift and you will feel great to offer them the gift of tennis! Hurry, this offer is valid until May 15, 2021. Learn More


Camp News

Great news! Looks like TSPA will be back at the Caldwell Tennis Courts located at 5785 Parkhaven (please see very important note below about half days on Fridays).  We are pleased that our negotiation with the City of Côte Saint-Luc looks extremely promising as well as the fact that we have secured a location within Wagar High School which allows us to offer a high end quality tennis camp along with the superior service that you are used to receiving from us. When it rains, we will have access to the gym at Wagar which features a huge space to play not only tennis but other sports as well such as basketball, dodgeball and other fun-filled activities. Furthermore, we will have access to the school’s washrooms as well as the large cafeteria space.  The pandemic has caused a shift in accessible areas within the camp grounds. For example, for now - as things may change as we get closer to the summer, we will have limited access to the outdoor pool only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Furthermore, although we have ? courts in the morning (until noon), we will have two courts in the afternoon. This means we will need to play other field games and even use the newly paved parking lot with mini nets as a new alternative to courts. Another very important information is that on Friday, we can only offer a half - day program; therefore, you will need to pick-up your child (or make arrangements to do so by noon). Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated space at this time as the school will be closed and the Aquatic Community Centre will not be able to accommodate us either. In the case of rain, we will have extremely limited access to space and may need to use the close by shelter that the school currently offers with some dedicated space that will shield against the rain. As soon as something changes in this regard, for example, we can have access to a location in which campers can safely socially distance, we will let you know. Overall, it will be safe and with the TSPA Dream Team, you know you can always expect a top notch service while maintaining our philosophy of being 100% positive. This lifestyle is something we are proud of instilling in the campers that have been attending our camps since 1994 (and even earlier when I was running tennis camps under my own name).  Overall, registration as you can imagine will be extremely limited again and we will prioritize Côte Saint-Luc residents until Thursday May 6th, then those clients who have enrolled a child with us in the past and then finally, as of May 9th, registration will be open to the public. The cost of attending the Caldwell Tennis Courts will be $300 per week with a one-time $80 membership fee which will include a six month membership at the tennis club (more info). Upon purchasing one week of camp, you will benefit from three FREE tennis clinics in which anyone in the account may use by entering tennis1, tennis2 or tennis3 upon registration for clinics (more info). As a result we will have three locations in which you may want to register your child with us namely: 

  1. West End Athletic Cavendish Club $300 per week (no membership required) 
  2. Caldwell Tennis Courts $300 per week (one time $80 membership required) 
  3. Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club, designed for advanced junior players starting at 10 years old (more info) for $350 per week (one time $80 membership required). Learn more


As always, half days or part day registration will only open one week prior to the start of the camp week. 


    As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. As the tennis club opens, we will be announcing many activities and this year, more than ever, it will be worthwhile for you to join. Our family day - now called family hour - will be moving to the Club in the next few weeks. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your child while playing a similar sport (more info). We will be offering a tennis league on Wednesdays with priority access given to members of the Club. Furthermore, we will also have lessons from Monday to Friday from 10:30-12pm for adults with the legend himself, Michael Sidawi, who is peaking in his prime with 40+ years of teaching experience. Read more about the membership benefits of the club by clicking here. Tennis is one of the best pandemic sports to play. Come one, come all! 


Tennis with Positive S

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