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Tennis & Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA) Checklist

Thank you for your interest in the Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy. Here is our checklist of things to bring for the ped day or strike day. 

TSPA Checklist

(School) bag to put all this stuff in as well as a duotang for a potential sports psychology workshop. 

Snacks and goodies. 

Please make sure your child is adequately dressed as we may go outside in the case that it is not raining and not too cold. Therefore, bring a hat, scarf and gloves. 


Running shoes are recommended. 

Lunch. It is preferable to have a sandwich but students do have access to a microwave and can refrigerate their lunch. Please note that TSPA can offer a lunch service. Tell me more. We also suggest bringing a snack. Although TSPA offers free snacks, it is a good idea to have a couple extra (healthy) goodies to provide your camper with a little extra energy.

Students will have gym time so therefore shorts, t-shirt or jogging pants are recommended.  


Did You Know?

Not to bring any peanuts related food to camp.

That you can claim up to $1000 per child for camp activities in your federal income tax return? The Quebec government allows you to claim up to $175 per week of camp. You should receive a “relevé” 24 by February 28th.

To call (514.886.9929) TSPA if you know your child will come late or will not attend our daily sessions by 9:30am. You may also send us an email with this information. Please also let us know of any early pick ups so that we can have your camper ready to go on time.

It is not a good idea to bring valuables to camp.

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