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Menu During a Ped Day or Strike Day


IMPORTANT: this option must be selected from the online registration page or communicated to us by 9am the day your child is enrolled. 

LUNCH MENU - CAFÉ AQUA (Côte Saint-Luc Location Only)

Available Monday - Friday 

$8.50 / Day

~MENU~  trios include a Minute Maid juice box. 








Week 1,3,5 (1st week is the 1st week of the month)

Grilled  cheese (cheddar) with small pasta salad  Tuna Melt on a roll with small pasta salad  Large Pasta (tomato pesto) with small green salad 1 hamberger with french fries  Pizza
Week.2,4 Grilled  cheese (cheddar) with small pasta salad  Cheese pizza square with salad  Large Pasta (tomato pesto) with small green salad 2 beef hotdogs with french fries  Pizza

Replacement 1: Grilled cheese with a pasta salad 

Replacement 2: Kosher tuna on keiser with french fries

Replacement 3:  Meehadrink kosher jumbo hot dog with french fries

Need additional information?  Contact Marco Trinchini of Café Aqua.

514-487-6869 | 514-594-7717 |


If making a payment online, please click the add special insturctions to the seller and specifiy the child's full name, location and any replacement sandwhiches for the week. For example, Eugenie Bouchard November 13 Côte Saint-Luc, Aqua Cafe Lunch repacement  #1 on Tuesday


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