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Newsletter 2021

April 7, 2021


We are super excited to let you know that we will have tons of tennis activities for you in Côte Saint-Luc. We are in the midst of planning round robins, leagues and tournaments. Until the nets are up in our other locations, we are offering lessons at the West End Gym located at 6585 Mackle. With our premier closing gyms, please ensure you (or your child) is aware that bathroom facilities may not be accessible. 

We have added many lessons for children 5-17 years old and beginner adults. There are just too many to list. Please login, click Make a Reservation and choose the appropriate person so that relevant lessons appear. Visit for more information. Please also note that the City of Côte Saint-Luc has opened up registration for our tennis activities and some of the lessons we offer must be done through their website. They will fill up quickly and have done so within the first week. Act fast! Click here to register. Similarly, our camp is starting to fill up too. Our next early bird deadline is May 1st. We may be full by then! Again, no pressure - hurry up! Learn more.

We also have private lessons which have started. Michael Sidawi is back with us and he has been teaching tennis for 40+ years! We are also pleased to announce he has accepted a promotion as Assistant Academy Director and in his portfolio lies tennis operations. While everything seems to be going up in price, we are pleased to have reduced our court fee prices for private lessons; from $10 to $6 regardless of adults or juniors. Furthermore, this is the total fee and can be split with several people on the court. For more information on private lessons, you may contact the pro directly as we have added their availability and rates on the staff page (see the TSPA Dream Team). To avoid paying court fees, we suggest joining the club or gym. As a flash sale, until this Sunday, we are offering 25% off the TSPA VIP status which ensures you do not pay any court fees for the season (value of $100). We will credit $25 to your account once you make the purchase.  More info.

We shall see you on the courts soon! Feel free to call, text or write back if you have any questions or concerns. 

Tennis With Positive Sports Psychology,

Lior Doron

Academy Director



P.S. If you are looking to buy a racquet for children or adults, shoes for children or tennis accessories, look no further! Visit our home page and click the online store. It may be best to simply meet to see it all as our inventory is quickly changing. For only $5 we’ll deliver to your place in CSL or we can make an appointment to meet so that you can be perfectly fitted with our newest stock of the season.


January 10, 2021



I hope this email finds you safe and in good health. The pandemic has certainly tested our mental strength. I realized that the mental part of the game was critical and that is why I studied sports psychology when I graduated at the University of Montreal and was paired up with the sports psychologist of the National Hockey League Montreal Canadiens. The experience was enriching and is something that I am pleased to share within TSPA. I was interviewed on the effect that the pandemic has had on sports in a Concordia University newspaper (read). I am approaching my final year of my bachelor of education program at the University of Sherbrooke and am pleased to share a portfolio which tracks 20+ years of history and progress at TSPA and Flow in Sports. You can read the portfolio by clicking  here


As we say goodbye (or good riddance to 2020), I wanted to share with you a few important news items. We have revamped our registration making it easier for you to create an account, login, reserve and pay for your activities. A special thank you to Victor Ruggi who works tirelessly behind the scenes and who also works on revamping the registration process. His degree in computer science and web development knowledge from Dawson in paying dividends.  

As soon as the weather permits, we will offer tennis lessons (groups and private). This means we’ll probably be on the courts as early as April and maybe even earlier. 


We are pleased to have come to another agreement with the West End Cavendish Athletic Club - this time a three year partnership. If you have not heard, we were the ONLY tennis camp to offer a 10 week program in the City of Montreal. We also taught hundreds of lessons although no other tennis organization led this initiative. We had zero cases of COVID-19 which was explained by many facets. Our clients are wonderful. They espoused the highest standards including not sending their child or presenting themselves to our activities if one displayed symptoms. Our staff ensured a rigorous safety procedure sanitizing hands on the way in and out as well as constantly cleaning the facility. We shall wait and see what the City of Côte Saint-Luc will offer us next year and we are hopeful that we can get back to hitting a tennis ball on the City’s finest tennis courts. We are confident that while we were able to run activities at the beginning of the pandemic that we will be able to manage and run programs with the vaccine being distributed leading up to the summer months. The West End Cavendish Athletic Club features 30,000+ square feet which provides ample space to spread out and be part of the TSPA experience. 


Camp Update


For those of you who participated in our activities during the 2020 season, you should expect to get a Relevé 24 receipt before February 28 which will give you tax credit when you fill out your income taxes.  For the summer 2021 - we will again respect all sanitary measures from Health Canada and Santé Québec. We will do our best to offer the highest quality service and ensure your child has a pleasant and meaningful summer experience with us. Building mental skills both on and off the court is something I am pleased to say that I have been doing since the academy first started in 2002. While we await what the City of Côte Saint-Luc will do with regards to allowing camps to operate once again, we have started the registration process at the West End Gym (more info). You may change your registration location and an added fee may occur depending on the change of price between the location you may register now and the new location. This year, we will have more space and more activities (we should have access to the indoor salted pool for free swim and integrate basketball (both indoor and outdoor) and ping pong) and of course we will still have access to up to eight outdoor hard court tennis courts. We’ll have access to the gym floor which features a large space to play games. Generally, we’ll be able to safely distance ourselves but we do have a limit on the number of campers. I am sure many of you want to offer your child long lasting positive memories and experience an enjoyable summer experience. Our price structure will vary this year but we will have a fixed price with a clear deadline. The prices are very likely to go up every month leading to the summer. Therefore, now is the best time to get the best price. Our regular price for camp will be approximately $300 for our recreational and $350 for our tennis max (more advanced). We’ll offer an early bird discount which reduces the price until February 1st for as little as $140 per week if you are committed for the entire summer. (see prices). We still have 0% financing and payments can be done in up to six installments. Since we expect to sell out quickly, we’ll need to prioritize registration. If you have already registered, then your spot is secure. Otherwise we’ll start with Côte Saint-Luc Residents and those who have been with us in the past. Please look carefully. Registration will be open in the following manner as of midnight as shown below: 


Until January 17th Clients who have an account with us * AND from Côte Saint-Luc

January 18-21: Residents of Côte Saint-Luc

January 22-24: Clients who have an account with us * living anywhere 

January 25-28: Residents of Montreal 

January 29 and later: open to all. 


*A TSPA client is defined as someone who has made a purchase with us within the last three years. 


After February 1, our prices will go up. No pressure, but hurry up! 

Let me take this opportunity to wish you the best for 2021. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text me at the number below. Happy New Year!




Lior Doron

Academy Director 

Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA)


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