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June 25, 2020


We are pleased to announce that TSPA has made another agreement in principle with the West End Cavendish Athletic Club to solidify its presence for the season. The initial cost to secure the space, reduced ratios with camper / staff and equipment needed to get the ball rolling for the season has been significant. We believe (and hope) the worst is behind us. 


Have you seen my latest facebook video? See it. Give it a like and or share and send us a screenshot and we’ll add another $10 in your profile if you do this by June 28th. Don’t have facebook? Look us up on google and provide us with a review and we’ll insert $10 into your account. Provide us with a very good review and we’ll put $15 in your account. If you really impress us with a positive review, we’ll put in $20 as a token of appreciation. Again, just send us a screenshot with your review. 


Camp Update


The change would now mean as of June 29th - we are offering full days of camp and this for nine weeks. We will switch over everyone who has registered for half days to the full days. And, this is rain or shine! Our spaces are still extremely limited and we already have our 1st two week almost sold out (the week of June 29th and July 6th). Please note we still do not have the authority from the building to use the swimming pool as of yet. Again, we are hopeful that this will change soon.  If you do not want to move to full weeks, please email us as soon as possible. We will prioritize those that have already registered with us and move to the full week. This will be done for you. You may choose half days one week prior to camp if space is available but again, since our ratios are smaller space is extremely limited. 



  • Recreational Tennis was $200 half week will now be $350 for the entire week 

  • Tennis Max (high performance tennis) was $250 for the half week will be $450 for the entire week. 


All our pro in trainer rates will double for pro in trainer 1 from $160 to $320 or our pro in trainer 2-4 from $150 to $300. This also means that your child’s revenues can also double depending how long they will participate with us,  (More info)


Remember, you still save approximately 28-70% depending on your family income in tax credits. Most people benefit from a 50% tax break and so therefore a $1000 camp investment into your child can be considered as a $500 “expense”.  We issue official releve 24 receipts by February of next year. We are constantly updating our website but you can see more info by clicking here. Please be patient as we update the content of the site. We will begin making necessary financial adjustments to the same credit card that is on file and if you need to extend your payments let us know as soon as possible. If the charge has been done, we can make necessary adjustments to ease the financial impact. 


Private Lessons


     We are also pleased to reduce the court fee from $15 to $10 for private lessons. We are also going to waive, cancel and eliminate your next lesson court fee if you book with us by July 5th. Just mention this email. More info.




    We are also pleased to reduce clinic rates for Michael and Lior from $25 per hour to $22.50 per hour. 


    We are also pleased to announce that we are reducing family day rates from $20 to $17.50 per hour for the adults and from $20 to $17.50 for the children. 


     As a reminder, you are able to see all the activities once you login to our website (on the top of the page) AND click on “make a reservation” and choose the person who you want to have a lesson. From there, you will see all appropriate activities for this person only as this is based on age and skill level.  There are too many clinics and activities to mention so it is worthwhile to simply mention that we have lessons every day! 


    We have repainted the lines, purchased new nets and the bumpy courts are not as bad as it seems. When the ball does have an odd bounce we call it the West End Bounce but just like everything we are taught at TSPA in turning a negative into a positive, this experience certainly tests your reaction time! Have I mentioned that we have adult beginner and intermediate lessons with Micahel Sidawi - who has over 40 years teaching experience? Those lessons take place  Monday - Thursday (6pm for beginner and 7pm for intermediates).


   I want to take this opportunity to invite you on the courts and to get out to do some exercise.  We thank you for your understanding and support during these difficult times. We would like to help you get through this period of time with this wonderful sport which can be one in which can be practiced for life! Imagine investing $500 in tennis which you can play until you are well into your 70’s! An active body can lead to an active mind (and vice-versa of course). We are proud to work on both the physical and mental aspects of not only tennis but also life skills. We practice social distancing, you can sanitize your hands as you enter and leave the courts and we assure you that the experience will be a positive one. 


We’ll see you soon!


Lior Doron

Academy Director




June 8, 2020


Good news. We are also pleased to announe that we have a contractual agreeement with the West End Cavendish location to offer tennis services in this facility. The address of the Club is 6585 Mackle in Cote Saint-Luc H4W2Y4. More good news; we've got access to bathrooms for camp! Sometimes the small victories mean so much more.  The lines are going to get repainted which should give it a fresh look. Although there are some bumpy surfaces, we will adapt and work with caution. 


Camp Update


Registration for non-residence will open Thursday at 12:01am. Did we mention the children have somewhere they can relieve themselves? Remember, if it rains, we will move to an online session (more info) and we will make a decision by 6:30am by posting this information on our home page. We will not issue refunds for days that rain; rather we will work on a warm up, online tennis and learn sports psychology from mental performance consultant Lior Doron (more info). To learn more and register as space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, click here. 




We will start them up on Wednesday June 10th! We will ask you to drop off your child a few minutes prior to the class and pick-up at the end of the lesson (unless you are enrolled in a class). We are re-launching our family day clinics for only $20 per hour on Saturday and Sundays from 9-12pm. You can play tennis with your child on an adjacent court.  The schedule is as follows: 5-6 year olds from 9-10am, 7-9 years old from 10-11am and 10-12 years old from 11-12 (noon). Daniel Tehrani will teach those clinics and we are excited to have him back once again this year. Daniel works very well with children and is knowledeable in improving tennis technique.  We will also be offering after school or I should say after online school clinics for $25 per hour with Michael Sidawi who has over 40 years of teaching experience. The weekday schedule for 5-6 years old is 4-5pm; for 7-9 years old from 5-6pm and for 10-12 years old from 6-7pm. Michael is going to be teaching the 5-7pm time slot. We will be adding more as the season progresses.  (Login and register).



Private Lessons:


If you want to avoid the crowds, private lessons is the way to go. Let us know when you want to get on the court and your budget ($40-85, tax and court fee included) and we'll make it happen. The price depends on the level of expereince of your pro. (more info). Find out who is back with us once again this season (see the TSPA dream team).  



June 5, 2020


Don't bet against TSPA! We are pleased to announce that we have an agreement in principle with a new location a few minutes away from our usual locations (more info). We will be offering a morning only (9-12) tennis camp for children 6-14 years old (more info); if it rains, we will switch to an online camp and decide by 6:30am (check our home-page). We will also offer tennis clinics (more info) and private lessons (more info) there. Please note we will be taking registration with a priority to those who already registered with us for camp, then priority will be for residence of Cote Saint-Luc until June 10th and then the public as of June 11th. More details to come soon! Thank you for your patience and understanding through these difficult times.




May 27, 2020

Good news! The Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club is opening on June 15th. More info.


May 24, 2020


Tennis. There you go. I wanted to start this year’s newsletter with something positive as we have been in the heart of the current coronavirus pandemic. On the one hand, I wanted to wait as long as possible before sending out some information regarding our tennis services but on the other hand, I have to communicate the information I just received a few days ago. I certainly hope that you are safe, in good health and are eager to get some exercise. I would like to take a few moments, pause and offer my condolences to those who have lost a family or friend related to the coronavirus.  It is quite sad and tragic. The tennis Club’s fate is in deliberation with the City Council at least until Monday May 25th (more info) with an online surge in demand to get tennis courts open as soon as possible (more info). Things can change quickly but as it stands, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that all our tennis services are cancelled.






Several scenarios are in order. 


Already Registered? 


Option #1: Wait a Little Longer. Recently, the Quebec government announced its support of tennis as a sport which favours social distancing. Even camps have been given the green light on the island of Montreal. You may choose to wait if any changes will exist and therefore your child will have a priority in our smaller camps. Even if we do not offer the service, your money will not be lost. We certainly appreciate your patience and support with this option. 


Option #2: Transfer to the Next Year.  We can transfer your registration to the following year in the same week. You can always adjust it as we get closer - ideally at least four weeks in advance and if space still exists. We are also offering you a 25% credit (we pay more then the banks!) if your payment is complete with us by October 2020. If you paid one week, you’ll get a 25% bonus credit. If you paid four weeks, then you’ll get a free week of camp. We have already cancelled and refunded all field trips in 2020. 


Option #3: Online Camp. We have been discussing alternate plans such as an online camp featuring tennis, other sports, fun and educational material as well as sports psychology. Let us know if that is something of interest to you or if you would like to know how to register.  It would take place Monday - Friday from 9-4pm with breaks in between and the possibility of registering for half - days, afternoons or for the full week. The probable cost for the week would be $100, half days (9-12 or 1-4pm) for $15 or  $25 for the full day. Your child would be both mentally stimulated with activities and our tennis pros amongst others would still get them physically active. We would also be continuing to offer positive living skills and coupons along the way. We just can not  let go of the concept of coupons as it is part of building positive living skills and reinforcing a target behavior. The money you already paid can be compounded with the interest of 25% and this can be used to pay this service. 


Option #4: Cancel. For those who want to cancel, we are offering a full refund. Please send us an email with this request including the full name of your child. If things change, however, you will lose your place in our registration order. 


   The academy is trying to salvage the tennis season and we will send out some information if there are any changes. The directions from the government of Quebec currently allow for singles to be played. Furthermore, Tennis Quebec and the Tennis Professional Association have set out strict guidelines in ensuring a safe experience.   I foresee a gradual easing of restrictions with time given things get under control. As you can imagine, I am the forever optimist. 


     Many of you are disappointed and it is totally understandable. We all want to get back and recapture our lives as we knew it. There have been many discussions over the phone, through social media and our valued City officials and  council members.  Some of you are actively involved and others are letting the chips fall where they may. I certainly believe that we can maintain social distancing - while keeping everyone safe. 


Lessons and Clinics:


All tennis activities are cancelled until further notice. Full refunds are being processed and if your lesson is upcoming, it will be cancelled and refunded. If you have registered with the City of Côte Saint-Luc, they have been issuing full refunds and can be contacted by email or phone 514-485-6806. For those of you who just want to play, Caldwell should be open by May 29th and you can call the Rembrand tennis courts to reserve at 514-485-8912


As we await to see how this pandemic will unfold, we wish you much health and safety during these difficult moments. Many of you have expressed your desire to play tennis and I am fully aware that this surge in demand can bring with it not only a lifetime of tennis enthusiasts but can trickle down for generations to come. After 26 consecutive years of personally running and managing summer camps and tennis activities, it would certainly leave an empty space. We always have to look on the bright side; I trust that this will only help us appreciate, savor and bask in what we had and the feelings we will have in the future associated in preparing, playing and recovering from this wonderful sport. I look forward to seeing tennis flourish once again and we will be patient. 


It will be okay, 


Lior Doron

Academy Director

Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy Inc.


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