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September 17, 2020


     If you saw or heard about Thiem’s epic comeback (see video), in the 2020 US open, you can appreciate the inner game of tennis (yes, that too is from a good book I read). Persistence, resilience and the ability to come back. He was down 0-2 in a best of five sets and managed to take the game to a five set thriller to win it all. It reminds me of my experience this summer; TSPA was dead with no place to teach tennis yet has come back and flourished to be the only camp in Côte Saint-Luc and the only camp to offer a 10 week summer camp. All this to say, that we still are offering lessons… until December! 

    We have clinics until the middle of October. Just login, click make a reservation and choose the person to see when we have lessons. We still offer them EVERY DAY for juniors and adults. No membership required. It is not too late. For as little as $15 per hour. What are you waiting for to enjoy one of the best pros on the courts teaching a safe sport that we are passionate about? 

     We also have a few of our pros who are still available for private lessons: Daniel Naiman, Ben Kepes, Alex Kofman, Jonathan Teitelbaum, Grace Jast, and myself. Check out our staff page and contact them to see their availability. They all seem to prefer a text message to initiate the conversation. 

     We are also pleased to offer you a special promotion for all your tennis needs. Shop on this tennis website and choose a variety of your tennis needs (remember to add 14.975% tax) and once you have a final total send us an email transfer to with the amount (denominations of $50). Let us know the TSPA account full name in the case that the  email transfer is a different email then the one we have on file. We’ll send you a gift card of the same amount AND credit your TSPA account with 5%. For example, you notice an interesting racquet on sale, a tennis bag and 1-2 other accessories for $500 tax included. You email transfer $500 and get $500 worth of tennis gift certificates and 5% or $25 into your TSPA account. Hurry, this is a limited time offer. 

    Finally, before we put a closure on the season, we wanted to thank you all: our staff, campers, parents and clients for an amazing season despite all the adversity we all faced. To add one more promotion as I put this season to a close, forward this email by October 1st to three of your tennis friends or potential tennis enthusiasts and cc us ( and we’ll add $10 into your account as a thank you for spreading the words about our promotions. You can also like any of our social media posts and send us a picture if you feel that is easier for you. Just send us a screenshot as proof and we’ll add the $10 bonus into your account. Get on the courts before 2020 ends! Now, that is the way to end the season. Game, set and match! 


Lior Doron

Academy Director

Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy


P.S. How can we not end the season with one more P.S.? Some of you have told me that I talk or write too much. However, the vast majority have expressed an interest in learning more. Read my masters thesis by which I sought to learn more how professional ice-hockey referees use mental skills training to achieve an ideal performance state. Enroll in one of my hundreds of courses on mental skills training by clicking here and if it is your first time, let me know and I’ll refund you 50% of the course fee. Improve your attitude, self-talk, focus and the list goes on. Now, that's it! Game over for this season.


August 26, 2020


    We are pleased to offer a flash sale for gift cards. Purchase a gift card for a family, friend, increase your expenses for your business, or even purchase a gift card for yourself, between August 31st and September 13th and we’ll offer you a 10% credit into your profile. For example, purchase $100 and get a $10 credit. We are giving away TSPA money (like the government) but let us not make this a political email :)  More info on how to purchase this gift card is available at Remember, this offer is valid only until September 13th. If you are going to purchase TSPA products or services, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Besides, someone will be very thankful to you and you’ll be giving yourself a present too. Don’t you deserve a gift? 


    We are also pleased to add a new clinic for intermediate adults from 10-12pm at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club (8215 Guelph) with Michael Sidawi on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You do not need to be a member to join. Besides celebrating over 40 years of teaching experience, Michael will work on a variety of skills throughout these fill-filled, exercise worthy clinics. Improve your techniques, play games with fellow players and enjoy the TSPA experience. We’ll need at least two players per session which we’ll monitor by 9pm the night before. Space is extremely limited for now and the cost is $25 for two hours. Registration and more information can be seen at Essentially, login to our website at the top of the page, create a new account if that is the case for you, click make a reservation and choose the person you would like to reserve the clinic. 


     We’ll see you on the courts!


Lior Doron

Academy Director




July 19, 2020

We've been hard at work offering tennis services within the City of Côte Saint-Luc. We've got some very good news. We are now able to teach at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club! As you know the club is located at 8215 Guelph and has nine beautiful har-tru (clay) courts. We can now have access to one of them all day. A big thank you to the City of Côte Saint-Luc, the counsil led by Mitch Kujavsky and the City representative Ryan Nemeroff who allowed us, after 20 years - in this difficult situation -  to re-enter the premise. We want to see you there too! Find out more about the club and its membership by clicking here.

Next Step at the CSL Tennis Club

All clinics as of 4pm with Michael Sidawi (only) are at the CSL Tennis Club. For example, he has advanced juniors (10-17 years old) from 4-5pm, recreational tennis play for 10-17 years old from 5-6pm and then adult beginners from 6-7pm and then intermediates players from 7-8pm. If you want a tennis lesson, we no longer can say 'west end bounce' to refer to the uneven surfaces that we have been teaching on this year. This means, you'll have one less excuse. As a welcome lesson, we are eliminating court fees at the Club for your 1st  private lesson (valid until August 15th). Weekend lessons are also possible. Unfortunately, our camp cannot operate there (or at Caldwell) for the season. In order to see all the lessons that take place, you must sign in to your account, click make a reservation and then choose the person you want to register (l[ /register]ogin). From there, you will notice all the available tennis clinics that take place but please note private lessons must be booked by repying to this email or directly with the pro (read more). Please be careful as to the location as most other lessons - and the camp -  still will take place at the West End Cavendish Athletic Centre located at 6585 Mackle. 

Tennis Camp Referral 

We are pleased to put back our $100 refer a friend effective IMMEDIATELY. Do you know someone who knows someone who may want to participate in our camp? Fill out this form and we'll give you and your referral a $100 credit to be used for our camp service. Remember, as of Monday July 20th (week 4), we have a total of 9 weeks and you may join us for mornings only (9-12), afternoons only (1-4pm) or the full day. You get back 26% back in tax credits if you are a millionaire (or richer) or up to 70% if you are on welfare as we offer official releve 24 tax receipts. Remember camp is ideal for 6-14 years old Read More about the camp.  And, remember, we even have a program for those who are interested in earning income ideal for 15-19 years old (more info). It is still not too late to register and offer your child the amazing TSPA Experience

Sports Psychology / Save More Money

We know that sports psychology can have a positive impact on your performance. I have been developing courses in precisely this area for almost two decades. I've been fortunate enough to work with professional athletes and I've been able to put concrete, useful and tangible resources so that athletes can benefit and use in their own sport and in life. For a limited time (until August 15th), I have three promotions in which I am pleased to offer if you enrol in one of my courses; 

1) Camper (and parents), take a course for $9.99 and we'll offer you a $100 credit in your account 

2) Clinic and private lessons takers, enrol in a 99 cent course and you'll get up to a $25 credit in your account depending on the highest clinic rate you've taken. If you have enrolled in a $15 and $20 clinic, you'll get an email receipt for $20. If you have not taken any lessons this year, or just had some private lessons, we'll insert $20 into your account. 

3) Those who enrol in the Mental Skills Assessment (ideal for 16+), by clicking here can benefit from either the $100 camp credit or $40 to use for clinics / private lessons. 

Take a look at a few options below. First time users will need to create an account.

Camp Clients 

Optimism for young athletes (ideal for 12-15 years old), click here.

Optimism for 16+, click here, cost is $9.99

Self talk for 10 years old and older click here

Clinic Clients

Improve your confidence (ideally for 13+ years old), click here

Get Laser Focus, (ideal for 15+ years old), click here

I am pleased to deliver these sessions to the athletes, teams and workshops that I do throughout the year. You can see all the courses by clicking here.  Contact me if you have any issues enrolling in the course. 

Save Even More Money

If you are reading this email, still; we are so impressed that you'll receive up to $10 for simply replying back 'I have read this email. The second person will receive $9 and the third person will receive $8. Be quick and reply back! You are probably too late if you reply as of Tuesday July 21st. 

As always, if you have any questions, or comments, please text, email or call me. I have been answering and growing tennis in CSL for 26 years now and it would be by pleasure in serving you. I truly want to help you improve your tennis game.  We have a great team and trust me, you will be happy you took the step(s) to get involved! 


Lior Doron

Tennis and Sports Psychology 
Academy Director


P.S. It is worth repeating that tennis is one of the safest sports despite the Coronavirus. Look at this link we've put together that ensures we are doing everything we can in keeping everyone safe. 

P.P.S. Take a few moments to go to our home page and browse over the various youtube, facebook, instagram, and twitter images and videos that show what we've been doing so far. We would 'love' to get you part of our family this season. Many discounts are available and the feeling you'll get when you partake in our activities will be well worth it. Give us a chance and allow TSPA to be part of your life in this unique time.

July 12, 2020

The first few weeks of the summer is here and we are so pleased to announce that things are going smoothly despite the pandemic. Tennis has proven to be one of the safest sports. Take a look at this chart to see which are the riskiest activities. Have you noticed tennis is one of the lowest risk? We've purchased extremely visible and massive hand sanitizers for children and adults to use as they enter and exit the courts. We are also pleased to have so much space to allow for social distancing and are in the forefront of enforcing such practices. The club has beautiful bathrooms and we wash our hands often. It has not been easy but we are doing our best. We adapt and are proud to be the leader within our community in offering our clients a positive experience while learning tennis. Please note, any specials, coupons or rebates listed below is valid until August 1st. 


We are following Quebec orders and NOT requiring children 12 and under to wear a mask as they enter the gym. Our staff, however, are mandated to wear a mask.

We are in our 3rd of 9 weeks. Our last week is August 24th - 28th. Remember, you do not need to attend the full week or the full day. We have half day registration (either 9-12 or 1-4pm) that is open as of Monday 10am for the following week. We have extremely limited spots and our first few weeks have been sold out. For the week of July 13th, there are only 9 spots left. You can even register for a half day or a full day without the commitment of the week. In case of inclement weather drop off and pick up will be at the main door located in our new location this year, the West End Gym located at 6585 Mackle.  Remember, we offer a payment plan that can space out your payments until October to allow a more spaced out payment plan. We have two camps: recreational and more advanced called "tennis max". More info.  

Pro or Counselor in Trainer Program: This program for 14-18 years old is a great opportunity to gain experience and work with children either learning how to teach tennis or help take care of children. Learn more

Pictures and Videos:

We are pleased to have taken some action shots in the last few weeks. Take a look at tennis in Cote Saint-Luc, our  tournament Fridaypizza Friday as examples. It gives you an indication of what the look and feel of the camp is like.


For a limited time, we will not enforce the required two people minimum for clinics. Join a class (see the class with Sacha) and you can be the only one and this can be like having all the attention on you for a fraction of the price. Clinics are now as low as $15 per hour while our elite pro Sacha (ideal for advanced players between the age of 10-17 years old) has lessons has lessons at $25 per hour. Other lessons vary in between depending on the experience of the pro. Take a look at the schedule (some exceptions apply) for the next few weeks. 

5-6 years old, Monday - Friday from 4-5pm and from 5-6pm with Daniella or Junior. Saturday and Sunday from 9-10am with Junior. 

7-9 years old, Monday - Friday from 5-6pm with Daniella and 6-7pm with Junior. Saturday and Sunday from 10-11am with Junior. 

10-17 years old recreational level (strong beginners or weak intermediates) with Michael who has over 40 years of teaching experience, Monday - Thursday from 5-6pm. Satuday and Sunday from 11-12pm with Junior. 

10-17 years old advanced juniors Monday - Thursday with Michael from 4-5pm. 

Adult strong beginners from 6-7pm with Michael. Everybody loves Michael. I, Lior offer lessons Saturday and Sunday from 9-12pm with one hour classes but as of August 9th, it will be Saturday only. 

Adult intermediates from 7-8pm with MIchael. Did I mention Michael has 40 years of teaching experience? 

Please note, you must register prior to the lesson and this can be done last minute or plan in advance. Just login to your account, choose the person that will take the lesson and you will notice all the available classes. More info.

Private lessons

Avoid the crowds. Have all the attention on you. Our court fee was $15 to offset our initial expenses associated with teaching on the court. We then reduced it to $10 once we started. Take a look at our rates by clicking here and just send us an email with your budget or if you have a pro as a preference (see the TSPA Dream Team Staff).  We'll set up the lesson for you. If you take one private lesson, the second one will have no court fees (must book by August 1st and let us know about this special i.e. Please note no court fee on my second lesson and we will not charge you the court fee.  

Gift Certificates:

Give the gift of a TSPA gift certificate and YOU will get 20% value (maximum $100) as a gift back to you. For example, offer someone $100 and you'll get $20 deposited in your account. Do you know someone who can use a tennis lesson, camp experience or some tennis accessories? Perhaps a friend, family or perhaps even your pet.  More info

Coupons / Rebates

And now the part that everyone has been waiting for. If you are still reading this message, well, I am impressed. Your reward is that you'll be able to redeem some serious savings until August 1st. There has been a post on facebook that if you write a positive comment and request that TSPA be given the opportunity to teach within a CSL facility, we'll offer you a $50 thank you credit in your account. Perhaps you can mention how much of a good experience you have had with us. Perhaps suggest to get one court to teach a private lesson. When you see the post on facebook scroll down to the message that Florence Knafo started that starts with Why is TSPA not allowed to hold... Find the post. 

We also want to make things easier on you during the pandemic. We know that the financial stress can be difficult but we know the exercise and experience is well worth it. Go to our home page and click the social media links to the left. Share a comment, give it a like or share it with family and friends and when you send us the picture as proof and you'll get $20 into your account! If you have already received a credit, find another picture or video and send us another email. Once again, this offer is valid until August 1st. 

We really appreciate having you as a client and offering tennis within our community. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, I can be reached below by phone, text or by replying to this email


Lior Doron

Academy Director




June 25, 2020


We are pleased to announce that TSPA has made another agreement in principle with the West End Cavendish Athletic Club (more info) to solidify its presence for the season. The initial cost to secure the space, reduced ratios with camper / staff and equipment needed to get the ball rolling for the season has been significant. We believe (and hope) the worst is behind us. 


Have you seen my latest facebook video? See it. Give it a like and or share and send us a screenshot and we’ll add another $10 in your profile if you do this by June 28th. Don’t have facebook? Look us up on google and provide us with a review and we’ll insert $10 into your account. Provide us with a very good review and we’ll put $15 in your account. If you really impress us with a positive review, we’ll put in $20 as a token of appreciation. Again, just send us a screenshot with your review. 


Camp Update


The change would now mean as of June 29th - we are offering full days of camp and this for nine weeks. We will switch over everyone who has registered for half days to the full days. And, this is rain or shine! Our spaces are still extremely limited and we already have our 1st two week almost sold out (the week of June 29th and July 6th). Please note we still do not have the authority from the building to use the swimming pool as of yet. Again, we are hopeful that this will change soon.  If you do not want to move to full weeks, please email us as soon as possible. We will prioritize those that have already registered with us and move to the full week. This will be done for you. You may choose half days one week prior to camp if space is available but again, since our ratios are smaller space is extremely limited. 



  • Recreational Tennis was $200 half week will now be $350 for the entire week 

  • Tennis Max (high performance tennis) was $250 for the half week will be $450 for the entire week. 


All our pro in trainer rates will double for pro in trainer 1 from $160 to $320 or our pro in trainer 2-4 from $150 to $300. This also means that your child’s revenues can also double depending how long they will participate with us,  (More info)


Remember, you still save approximately 28-70% depending on your family income in tax credits. Most people benefit from a 50% tax break and so therefore a $1000 camp investment into your child can be considered as a $500 “expense”.  We issue official releve 24 receipts by February of next year. We are constantly updating our website but you can see more info by clicking here. Please be patient as we update the content of the site. We will begin making necessary financial adjustments to the same credit card that is on file and if you need to extend your payments let us know as soon as possible. If the charge has been done, we can make necessary adjustments to ease the financial impact. 


Private Lessons


     We are also pleased to reduce the court fee from $15 to $10 for private lessons. We are also going to waive, cancel and eliminate your next lesson court fee if you book with us by July 5th. Just mention this email. More info.




    We are also pleased to reduce clinic rates for Michael and Lior from $25 per hour to $22.50 per hour. 


    We are also pleased to announce that we are reducing family day rates from $20 to $17.50 per hour for the adults and from $20 to $17.50 for the children. 


     As a reminder, you are able to see all the activities once you login to our website (on the top of the page) AND click on “make a reservation” and choose the person who you want to have a lesson. From there, you will see all appropriate activities for this person only as this is based on age and skill level.  There are too many clinics and activities to mention so it is worthwhile to simply mention that we have lessons every day! 


    We have repainted the lines, purchased new nets and the bumpy courts are not as bad as it seems. When the ball does have an odd bounce we call it the West End Bounce but just like everything we are taught at TSPA in turning a negative into a positive, this experience certainly tests your reaction time! Have I mentioned that we have adult beginner and intermediate lessons with Micahel Sidawi - who has over 40 years teaching experience? Those lessons take place  Monday - Thursday (6pm for beginner and 7pm for intermediates).


   I want to take this opportunity to invite you on the courts and to get out to do some exercise.  We thank you for your understanding and support during these difficult times. We would like to help you get through this period of time with this wonderful sport which can be one in which can be practiced for life! Imagine investing $500 in tennis which you can play until you are well into your 70’s! An active body can lead to an active mind (and vice-versa of course). We are proud to work on both the physical and mental aspects of not only tennis but also life skills. We practice social distancing, you can sanitize your hands as you enter and leave the courts and we assure you that the experience will be a positive one. 


We’ll see you soon!


Lior Doron

Academy Director



June 8, 2020


Good news. We are also pleased to announe that we have a contractual agreeement with the West End Cavendish location to offer tennis services in this facility. The address of the Club is 6585 Mackle in Cote Saint-Luc H4W2Y4. More good news; we've got access to bathrooms for camp! Sometimes the small victories mean so much more.  The lines are going to get repainted which should give it a fresh look. Although there are some bumpy surfaces, we will adapt and work with caution. 


Camp Update


Registration for non-residence will open Thursday at 12:01am. Did we mention the children have somewhere they can relieve themselves? Remember, if it rains, we will move to an online session (more info) and we will make a decision by 6:30am by posting this information on our home page. We will not issue refunds for days that rain; rather we will work on a warm up, online tennis and learn sports psychology from mental performance consultant Lior Doron (more info). To learn more and register as space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, click here. 




We will start them up on Wednesday June 10th! We will ask you to drop off your child a few minutes prior to the class and pick-up at the end of the lesson (unless you are enrolled in a class). We are re-launching our family day clinics for only $20 per hour on Saturday and Sundays from 9-12pm. You can play tennis with your child on an adjacent court.  The schedule is as follows: 5-6 year olds from 9-10am, 7-9 years old from 10-11am and 10-12 years old from 11-12 (noon). Daniel Tehrani will teach those clinics and we are excited to have him back once again this year. Daniel works very well with children and is knowledeable in improving tennis technique.  We will also be offering after school or I should say after online school clinics for $25 per hour with Michael Sidawi who has over 40 years of teaching experience. The weekday schedule for 5-6 years old is 4-5pm; for 7-9 years old from 5-6pm and for 10-12 years old from 6-7pm. Michael is going to be teaching the 5-7pm time slot. We will be adding more as the season progresses.  (Login and register).



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