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Dear Client,

We invite you to look at our in season discounts. We have a few extra goodies in which we are confident you will "love". This season we want to offer every member a free clinic if you can fill out a survey. More information to come. We are pleased to be moving to a more updated registration process which will make the process much more smoother. 
We look forward "serving you" once again this season! 

Lior Doron B.A., (B.Ed.), G.D.S.A., M.Sc.
Tennis with Positive Sports Psychology
514-886-9929 | 

Camp Update:

For our Côte Saint-Luc location at the Caldwell Tennis Courts, we are pleased to have access to Wagar high school during the summer. We won't have to go back and forth to the Aquatic Community Centre (although it is a beautiful location). Bathrooms are now even closer! We will also have access to the gym and cafeteria. This simply means more space! We are also pleased to have hired Sandra Chindalo for our CSL location who currently plays for the Concordia University women's tennis team. Our Verdun location has Herman Koffi avery experienced tennis coach which we know you will be thrilled upon hearing about. 

Don't Miss the In Season Discount!
We are pleased to offer in season discounts in camp. We offer a 0% financing and are proud to work in a positive sports psychology envriornoment. In Season Discount | Camp info | Register

Tennis Max: Extremely Limited

Our new tennis max camp designed for more experienced junior players (ages 8-15 years old) was a big success last year. Space is extremely limited so sign up fast! The schedule of the day tennis, tennis and more tennis (and perhaps a dip in the pool). Location: Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club on clay courts More info | Early Bird Price | Register 

Field Trips! 

This year we added another trip to Park Safari to go along with our trip to La Ronde, the waterslides in Mont Saint-Sauveur, and of course, the Rogers Cup! More info

Join the Trainer Program at TSPA
Attention all 14-18 year-olds!  Join our pro or counselor in trainer program and earn incomeMore info

Did you Say a Free Clinic?
Any member who fills out a survey will get a free clinic. We just want to better understand how we can "serve" you better. More details to follow. Take a look at our clinics page which has updated lessons as of now but will have even more during the season. The City of Côte Saint-Luc in partnership with TSPA also offers lessons for kids and adults. See brochure (page 22). Registration for those lessons is done with the City. Register

Private Tennis Lessons
Get undivided attention from one of our certified pros! You can even choose the one you want! Read about the TSPA Dream Team!


Held every Saturday and Sunday at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club from 4:30-6:30pm,  these workshops -- based on the Flow In Sports program (read more) -- offers two-hour sessions on mental skills training such as building confidence, improving self-talk and one's self-esteem to ultimately create, recreate and maintain Flow in Sports. Bring your iPad or tablet and yes, you'll earn even more coupons! Learn more and register


Play against your peers in three-set matches at the Côte St-Luc Tennis Club. Members get to pay as little as $12 for two hours followed by a dinner! Learn More

Sign up as a Family... and Save Big!
50% off family membership in Côte Saint-Luc. Imagine playing unlimited tennis for six months for a fraction of the price not only for you but also your whole family! More info
TSPA Store
When it comes to tennis apparel, gear and accessories, we got you covered from head to toe. Visit store. Not ready to shop online? You can always visit the boutique on the second floor of CSLTC.

Membership has its Privileges 

Woodland Tennis Club (WTC), Verdun
-Returning adult members: pay ZERO court fees for six months
-New adult members: Get a FREE private tennis lesson (value of up to $62);
Club info | NewsletterSign up

Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club (CSLTC) 

For the 2018 tennis season, for any new member referred to the Club, the referring member receives a Guest Pass Card for 5 sessions, valued at $50.00.

Club info | Newsletter Sign up

Caldwell Tennis Courts 

-Become a TSPA VIP (very important person). Save $5 on court fees at the Caldwell Tennis Courts, get $35 of free accessories and save on other goodies. (more info)


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