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TSPA Inc. Take a Tour, Tennis Lessons in Montreal

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The TennisMax segment at TSPA provides campers with the opportunity to enhance their tennis skills with up to six hours of intensive tennis lessons, games and match play. For every 6 campers signed up for this elite service, there will be 1 TSPA certified instructor. Drop off and pick-up will always be at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club. 

•Time/Location: Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club, on clay courts, Monday - Friday from 9:00am-4pm. 

•Cost per member: $300 per week (early bird rates may apply, more info). 

Ratio (Instructors to players):  6:1 

•Features of the program:  Higher caliber tennis instructors and designed for more advanced players, more emphasis in sports psychology and simply more tennis! The club has a pool for those players who want to cool off their tennis skills :) 

•How to join. Register through our online reservation by entering your email and password at the top of the page, clicking on register for camp and choosing the Côte Saint Luc or register as a new client (more info).  




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