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Win Win

Send campers our way... and see how little you'll pay!


Register your group by sending an email to

Receive a coupon code to enter on the TSPA wesbite

Save up to $80 off the regular camp weekly fee

Number of Referrals Minimum new Referrals Savings on your next camp registration fee
3-5 1 $40
6-8 2 $60
9+ 3 $80


•You have up to 7 days to claim your discount after sending us your referrals
•Discount applies only for camp registrations
•Expect your coupon code within 48 hours by email

Here`s how it works: One person should be designated as the captain of the TSPA win / win group. The captain will list all the campers that will register for a full-week of camp and submit this list to TSPA. Please note you must have at least one new camper for the 1st level of savings and one additional new camper per new level of savings.Thereafter, the captain will be given a special coupon code to share with his or her team who have seven days to register and pay. They will all enjoy a discount on the regular price of our popular camp week. 

In the case that you would like to register for more than one week, if you had fun doing this once, they you`ll have fun doing it again! For example, three campers want to register with the win-win but only 2/3 want to register for a second week. We can only issue you a coupon code for one week. In the case that all three campers want to register for two weeks (one new camper among them) and they all want to register for a second week, then this rebate can be used for a second week as well and in this case we can issue you one coupon code that can be applied for both weeks. 

* The price is per week based on this list. Remember, it might actually go up or down depending on the number of campers who actually register. In the case of getting more campers then originally submitted i.e. captain brought a list of 5 but actually 8 submitted so should save $30 rather than $20, then everyone in this group will receive the difference in the amount in the form of coupons i.e. 10 coupons. In the case that less campers actually register, then this group would need to pay the balance prior to or as of the first day of camp. Once you receive the coupon code, they will all have seven days to register and pay. In order to register, just visit the website and either login or click new client at the top right of the page. Once you are logged in click add a camper and follow the instructions. Remember, to use the coupon code at the end of the registration. Payment information will be available once they register. Once again, registration and payment must be submitted within seven days of the coupon code being given to the captain. 

Thank you for participating in the TSPA win / win. Feel free to share this information (through facebook, twitter and your email etc.) so that others can join and enjoy the camp week. 



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