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TSPA Inc. Take a Tour, Tennis Lessons in Montreal

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TSPA's Top 10 Video's and Pictures

Take a few moments to click the link and post your comments. As always, if you want your child to get into the action, just click here to get started. You may even register with us for only one day or half day. Without delay, here is our TSPA top 10 videos and pictures. Enjoy!


#10: Tournament Friday Watched Very Carefully

#9: Tennis Lesson with the "S" Bunk part of the bunks T, S, P, A 

#8: Check out what our "small" coupons look like 

#7: There are how many pools? 

#6: Soccer

#5: Look who's chicken

#4: Whatch a a mini tennis game 

#3: Bull's eye! See Academy Director get (almost hit) in the eye!

#2: How fast is your serve?

and our #1 video of the season is...

#1 What are all these coupons for anyway? What our prize redeption

Bonus #1: We can't forget our original TSPA promo video. Click here to see it. 

Bonus #2: View the secret to success 

Bonus #3: TGIF, it's Pizza Day!

Want to see the others? Click here to go to our TSPA channel on youtube and be sure to subscribe to our videos to get informed when we upload new ones.              
I am also pleased to share with you our top 10 pictures of the season. Here they are...



#10 TSPA Dream Teams wants YOU on the courts 

#9 Friends 4 Ever 


#7 I love getting coupons and wearing the TSPA Shirt!  

#6 Ready or not, here I slide! 

#5 Fooseball!

#4 TSPA Shuttle service picks up and drops off your child from your home!

#3  Bunk "P" at the Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament 

#2 Raise the roof! 

and our top picture of the season is...

#1 TSPA Dream Camp at the Roger's Cup 

Of course, we have some bonuses... 

Bonus #1: We play pool and not the one you jump into 

Bonus #2: Brotherly love

Bonus #3: Sports Psychology in Action   

If you are interested in seeing the other pictures, click here to go to our facebook page and be sure to "like" us. 

Remember if you want to get into the action, click here and register with us. We look forward seeing you on the courts. Thank you for your participation and support.

Keeping Tennis in Mind,

Lior Doron B.A., D.S.A, MSc.
Academy Director
Tennis & Sports Psychology Academy 

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