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TSPA Summer 2022 Week 2 → July 4 to July 8, 2022




• We are going to Mont Saint-Sauveur water park on Tuesday July 5th.  More info here.  Exceptionally, TennisMax (Côte Saint-Luc) drop-off will be at the Caldwell Tennis Courts, and pick up, as usual, will be at the CSL Tennis Club. 

Our activities start at 9am and dropoff can be as early as 8am with no extra charges. Pickup is between 4-4:15pm and there is no charge until 4:30pm.

Important Drop Off and Pick Up Information: 


Campers registered at the West End Cavendish Athletic Club: Please enter / exit by the tennis courts adjacent to the 6585 Mackle entrance but in the case of inclement weather please use the front door entrance to drop off or pick up. 


Campers registered at the CSL Tennis Club, the location of drop off and pick up is 8215 Guelph. However, in case of inclement weather, drop-off and pick-up may be at the Caldwell Tennis Courts (5785 Parkhaven). Please check the homepage for the most accurate information. We update the page by 6:45am and by 2pm. Please note that we are in the back of the school (use door #2). 


Campers registered at the Caldwell Tennis Courts, drop off and pick up is located near the tennis courts as you enter the Wagar school located at 5785 Parkhaven. In the case of inclement weather, we are in the back of the school (door #2). 


Early check-in / late checkout fee: $12 per day or maximum $30 per week per session.

• Review  the checklist of items to bring with you 

• If your child will not attend  for the day email us ( call or text your camp director before 9am.

• Ordering lunch?  Visit  to see menu and ordering policy. Deadline is the same day at 9am. We order pizza for everyone on Friday! 

• UniformsT-shirts or tennis shirts (small logo on the top left or right), shorts (preferably with pockets) or jogging pants, and flat-soled tennis shoes are required for the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club.


Pay online (login and click make a payment) in person by cash (exact change please) or check payable to TSPA. 

THE FACES BEHIND TSPA  Visit our staff page to read more about your camp staff and contact your camp director for questions regarding camp related issues i.e. early pick-up, lost items or general issues regarding camp. Please note the camp director are the following:

Location Camp Director Phone Email
Caldwell Tennis Courts, Recreational Camp Ben Kepes 514-909-7236
Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club, Tennis Max Michael Sidawi 438-881-9477
West End Athletic Cavendish Club, Recreational Camp Mike Jabbour 438-882-6833
You can also text the academy at 514-886-9929 as well as each camp director at their respective phone numbers.



- Purchase one TSPA shirt for $12 or two for $20, or the TSPA hoodie for $20.

- Wear a TSPA shirt and get double coupons on check-out.

- Wear a TSPA Cap (we sell them for $30) and get an extra coupon.

Clinics (group lessons) and Private Lessons. 

We offer clinics at competitive rates. Generally, we have clinics 4-5pm as well as a ton more. Look carefully at all our lessons and choose a location to see them all.  More info.

You can also contact the pro of your choice for additional lessons (visit the staff page)

Interested in playing more tennis?

Join our leagues for juniors and adults. More info.

Mental Skills Training and Positive Living Skills: Write and Earn! 

Every week there will be a mental-skill theme in sports psychology and campers and parents will be given the opportunity to obtain more coupons. Visit for more information on how to earn even more coupons.

This week's Sports Psychology theme is Motivation. This week's homefun (work is fun) activities can be downloaded below. Please show the homefun on Friday upon check-out for at least one extra coupon.
We even do sports psychology over the weekend! (more info).  
As always, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us, so that our camp can continue to be one of the most popular day camps in the city!

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