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Lakeshore League



TSPA is proud to offer it's junior members the possibility to enroll in the Lakeshore League for under 14 (as of September 30). A minimum of six qualified candidates will begin training as of the 1st week of camp. There are weekly (approximately 7 weeks) travel and home games. Up to five hours of group, individual and online sports psychology and mental skills training included. Click here to enter the course, click new user for those of you who have never created an account with us and ask your lakeshore instructor for the enrollment key.  

Check out an example of the Lakeshore League by watching this video!


14 and under: Every Saturday from 12:00-1:30 at Woodland or 1-2:30 at Caldwell until the camp season begins after which the weekly training takes place from 9-12pm (noon) on Wednesday and inter-club play Thursday from 1-4. Please note schedule is subject to change. 

Updated 2013 schedule

All players are invited for an end of season BBQ. Winners and finalist get medals and trophies while many players get prizes for participation. 

Cost: (Please note non-member fees are NOT included). They are either $12 per session at the Woodland Tennis Club (junior may join the club) or $5 per session at the Caldwell Tennis Courts (juniors may pay a one time $50 fee). The cost to join the lakeshore league is:  

$100 for those who particpate in at least one week of camp;  

$400 for those who only wish to participate in the Lakeshore league.  

$50 for those who want to particapate on occassion or $20 for those who are registered during the camp week.

Registration Procedures:

Download the registration form in English or download the registration form in french. Please also create an account by clicking the new user link.  (top of every page. Payment required by May 1st. Try outs will begin shortly after. 

Pro in Charge: Nouamane Chraibi ( 514-463-3836 at the Woodland Tennis Club or Merhay  in Cte Saint Luc at the Cadlwell Tennis Courts 514-884-9653

More information regarding rules and procedures

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