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Coupons for Staff

Here at TSPA, not only do campers get free coupons for good deeds, nice gestures & comments, or positive things that they do, but so does the staff. 

Below is the value that coupons-for-staff represent, and remember that items from Boutique 40/30 are already reduced by about 15%! Just give them a visit at TennisGiant or the Mount Royal Tennis Club. Any mornings, afternoons or full days off must be first approved by the camp director with at least 12 hours prior notice. 

$1 off items from the TSPA store
15 Half day off and fully paid! Available only for PIT's or CIT's (8:30-12 or 1-4:30pm). 
20 $20 added to your cheque. Give your coupons on Friday to Lior and make sure you get a text message or email confirmation at the same time.
25 $20 off the tspa store (shop online) or Boutique 40/30
30 half morning or afternoon off at 50% paid. 
40 half morning or afternoon off fully paid! You still have to think about us though.
50 full day off and 50% paid.
75 Full day off and fully paid. You must write a highlight within three days after and share with the staff. How did you earn all those coupons?
What did you do?

Remember: staff, one staff coupon is the equivalent to one dollar.  You can also exchange whatever coupons you have at the end of the summer for a cash bonus that will be added to your total wages (ex. Lior just finished his shift and has 56 coupons. He can exchange them for $56 added to his total income).


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