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Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (TSPA) Clinics

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Clinics (Jr. & Adults)

Below is the schedule for the clinics. It is highly recommended to bookmark this page. These clinics are organized by level and age.

Understanding the Schedule

If you see John Doe (8) 17:00-18:30 2.0-2.4. This means John is taking a lesson who is eight years old. The lesson takes place from 5-6:30 and his level is in between 2.0-2.4. If you see Adult 1.5-2.4 , this means this clinic is an adult clinic (18 and over). Often, you also can see who from the TSPA staff is teaching the lesson.

Look to see if there is space for your level and you will notice student's age is also put (in brackets). There are five students / pro for players who have a level 2.0 and higher and a maximum of six students / pro for players who have a level of 1.0-2.0.


All lessons are weather permitting. For an update on the status of the clinic, you can must call the club at 514-487-7862 usually 1 hour before the lesson. If the lesson is cancelled due to weather you may reschedule another lesson if the same level exists by registering for this lesson. If your child cannot attend the clinic, please email us if it is more than 48 hours in advance or call te club (514-487-7862) if it is within 48 hours to let us know. If your child cannot attend a clinic it is considered lost and cannot be made up. If there is room within the same semester, we can offer you another clinic with a similar level.

Please bookmark this page so that you can see un updated schedule.


Click the register now on the top right hand side of the page. Be sure to look for an appropriate level.

Please email me your availability; I will try and make a clinic take place for your child. There needs to be a minimum of two students per pro in order for a class to be set-up. Click contact us to email the jr. program coordinator.

Remember, minimum two players in order to set-up a class. Register now by clclicking here and if another person has also joined the clinic then the lesson will take place; otherwise the lesson is cancelled (and not charged).

Please note there are no clinics on Rosh Hashana Saturday September 19th and on Yom Kippur Monday September 28th.

Clinics are Monday - Thursday 16:00:00-22:00; Friday 16:00-19:00

Saturday and Sunday 8:00-19:00pm

We offer Jr (17 and under) and adult (18 and over) clinics.

The most popular type of clinics is once a week for an hour or 1.5 hours or twice a week for three weeks either Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday or Saturday / Sunday.

Looking for clinics:

Semester #1: Spring 2010

Name Jr. or Adult? Level Availability

Email us to have you name appear above!

Semester #1: Spring 2010 (May - June) (7 weeks)






9:00-10:30 Adults 2.0-2.9 Javier
1 Ylana
2 Paula
3 Register as jr or adult
4 Register as jr or adult
5 Register as jr or adult
6 Register as jr or adult




16:00-17:00 Jr. 1.0-1.4 Javier
1 Clara
2 Evalian
3 Register as jr or adult
4 Register as jr or adult
5 Register as jr or adult
6 Register as jr or adult



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