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Camp Differences

We get asked what are the differences between your locations. Please see the table below.



Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club


Caldwell Tennis Courts


West End Gym



8215 Guelph 

5785 Parkhaven 

5785 Mackle 

Camp Director Michael Sidawi Ben Kepes Mike Jabbour
Other Sports Offered It's tennis all day!  Soccer on the field, basketball in the Wagar Gym  Basketball with Haris Elezovic (captain of the University of McGill Redbirds), pickle ball, volleyball, ping pong)
Court Type Clay Hard court Hard court (with some bumps)
Pool Days Every day (with pool volleyball)  Tuesdays & Thursdays Mondays (bring a bathing cap)
Membership Fee (seasonal or once a year) $80 $80 None
Qualifications to register  Skill level 2.5 or higher (more info), must be able to hit approximately 10 balls in a row or more from the baseline None None

Half Days Possible i.e. 9-12 or 1-4pm?

Yes, but only one week prior to the start of camp



Indoor Facilities Clubhouse (we can play ping pong board games while the courts eventually dry up faster then hard court. If it rains in the morning, we meet at the Caldwell Tennis Courts and this information is emailed by 8am AND it is posted on our home page. Wagar High School including the large gym where we can play tennis with mini nets, basketball and array of other sports and games. West End Gym which we have access to their indoor facility which includes basketball courts (in a racquetball court), pickle ball, volleyball and a dance studio.
Weekly Rate $350/week $300/week $300/week
Daily Rate $87.50/day $75/day $75/day
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