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Camp 2022

Welcome to the TSPA Summer Camp for this year and the homefun page!

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Instructions: Every week there will be a sports psychology workshop. The fun is due by Friday 4:00 PM. Show it to Lior or the camp director on site. View the video that will walk you through the process.

Please note that coupons are awarded in the following way: One coupon for completing the highlight quiz and another coupon for doing a highlight.  A camper can get up to two coupons for each topic done. A topic may include a mini quiz with a reading, fill in the blank, multiple choice, matching and a potential wonderword. The wonderword must be completed and printed and receive at least 90% or more as judged by Lior Doron or the camp director to get double coupons. .

Example #1. A camper does a highlight and receives 90% or more on the quiz. The camper would recieve two coupons.

Example #2. A camper does a topic i.e. Motivation and completes the topic and gets 90% or more. The camper would receive two coupons.

Topic Schedule:

Week 1: Tennis Rules & Etiquette

Week 2: Motivation

Week 3: Confidence

Week 4: Self-Talk

Week 5: Focus

Week 6: Mental Imagery

Week 7: Optimism

Week 8: Team Building & Communication

Week 9: Kindness, Goodwill

Highlight Guidelines: Let us know what your child enjoyed most and be specific. Remember, they must use at least five positive sports psychology words like happy, enjoyed, looking forward, fun etc. and this gets emailed to all parents and staff during the season. Let the good vibes spread!

How to access the course

1) Click here to enter the course (if you have an account) or to create a new account (don't worry, it's free!). 

2) New account holders, fill out the form and create a new account; check your email and validate the link.

3) Enter the enrollment key homefun

5) Enjoy!

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