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Taking the BMW (Bus Metro Walk) to the Woodland Tennis Club

The Woodland Tennis Club is accessible by metro via the stations listed below with a yellow star on them:


Coming to our club in style? Taking the BMW (bus metro walk) mode of transportation? No problem! Follow the important instructions below.

[source: TSPA Playbook]

You can access it by getting off at McGill or Square-Victoria—OACI metro station and taking the 61 Wellington bus westbound towards the corner of Wellington and LaSalle.  Or, if you’d like to avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown you can get off at De L’Église and take the 61 bus eastbound towards Wellington and LaSalle.  The 58 bus eastbound from De L’Église may also work as well.  It’s closer to the club, and sure it might be farther from your house compared to the other stops, but it’s worth it.  Trust us :)

You can also find out the exact time the bus comes to and from the club.

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