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Victor Ruggi

This page is dedicated to Victor Ruggi who was a part of the TSPA dream team from 2013 to 2017.  As a token of appreciation for his good work here at TSPA, we rewarded him with his own page on our site.  To find out more about him view our staff page

Victor Ruggi is the Assistant Academy Director and part-time counselor at TSPA's Côte Saint-Luc location.  He has been a loyal staff member of ours since 2013.  Not only is Victor a counselor, he also does admin work for us, both during the camp season and when camp was on hiatus.

Victor hails from the Saint-Michel borough of the city, on the east end of the island.  He is often regarded as the first person from said borough at TSPA.  While many staff prefer bike riding to the Caldwell Tennis Courts, Victor commutes to TSPA by bus and metro, getting up super early in the process.  As a result, he considers himself an enthusiast of the Montreal Metro and believes that the metro is the city's greatest gift.  He has set foot on, or seen from his train window, each and every station in the network at least once.  He can also name all 68 stations by heart.

When Victor first joined TSPA, he had little to no tennis knowledge.  Thanks to our services (and a must-see "demonstration game" in 2014), Victor's tennis skills have greatly improved, and was regarded as one of the best players at this camp who is not a pro or pro-in-trainer in 2015.  While many campers at TSPA were impressed by his tennis abilities (especially his backhand), there were some people who thought otherwise and that Victor maybe may not have improved enough to hang with the tennis "giants" at TSPA like the Naiman brothers.  Most of his critics pointed out the top speed of  his serve - 44 miles per hour - as one of the reasons why.  This statistic was improved in 2017 where Victor tested his serve at the interactive serve game at the Rogers Cup, where Victor's serve hit a top speed of 58 miles per hour.  Whenever Victor went on the court, he played with heart, determination, and love for the game (no pun intended), all with the goal to show us all why he was here to stay.

On June 28, 2016, Victor hit his first successful slice of his tennis-playing career while serving tennis balls to P campers in a game of "Winner" Doubles.  Having often been the victim of unlucky slices in his early years, he considered this moment as "note-worthy" and the part where he came "full-circle" with his tennis knowledge.  He did another slice later in the same game.

For the 2016 season, Victor created the "Victor Ruggi Tennis Open Challenge" where he openly invited campers and staff of all skill levels to play a friendly game of tennis against him after camp hours or during a break in the action in the afternoon.  The rules of the challenge were:

* The game was played on a full court.

* Standard tennis rules applied.

* The game was until six or until the game must be stopped due to a time limit, such as a camper's parent arriving.  If the game was played past 4PM, it was usually until three.

* Victor can choose to play one-on-two, with Victor's opponent being the "two" side.

* Victor always served first.

Not only was Victor skilled at tennis, he was also pretty good at Connect 4.  Campers young and old have faced him in the past, and it is safe to say that Victor has won 90% of the time.  "This game," Victor has said, "takes intelligence and knowledge to master.  You must think a lot in order to get a victory at Connect 4." Few campers have beaten him.

When it is not the summertime, the work that Victor did for us is very important: he maintained our website, handled incoming registrations for camp and clinics, and set up quizzes and activities for users on our sister site, Flow in Sports.  He was also very knowledgeable about various computer programs, software and programming languages since he studies computer science at Dawson College.  Some of the languages he can help you with are:



*C# (read C-sharp)



Victor really loves sports, especially hockey, baseball, football, and most recently, basketball.  Although he is a Montréal native, he proudly cheers on the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles, teams that he has been following for over 8 years, and his favorite color is orange as a result (TSPA is a Go Habs Go environment but he's still like family to us!).  Ask him what his favorite basketball team is.  His answer may surprise you, based on what is written above.

In January 2017, Victor was promoted to Assistant Academy Director.


Awards & Honors

Special Honor for "T-Spa" rap song (2013)

Most Staff Coupons Earned (2015)

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