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Family Memberships

Spending time with family: priceless

Signing up for a family rate at the Côte St.Luc Tennis Club: $310 

Enjoy 9 clay courts, access to the pool, and all other amenities at the Côte St.Luc Tennis Club when you sign up for a family membership for ONLY $155, a 50% discount off the regular rate of $310.

If your child has attended camp and you already paid $60 into the membership, then the cost is $60 less or $250.  If you have two children attending camp, then it is actually $120 less or $190

Pay one price and enrol all members of your family for 6 months!

BONUS: Get a free tennis clinic ($15 value). 


-New family must submit application to TSPA directly to benefit from this savings
-Camper must sign up for at least one week of our tennis camp

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