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TSPA Inc. Take a Tour, Tennis Lessons in Montreal

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Checklist for TSPA Summer Camp

1 (School) bag to put all this stuff in as well as a duotang for a potential sports psychology workshop.
2 Snacks and goodies.
3 Change of clothes in case it rains!.
4 Bathing suit, towel & flip flops (required) for the pool area as well as sunscreen
5 Tennis shoes (ideally flat soled shoe). More info 
6 Lunch. It is preferable to have a sandwich but students do have access to a microwave and can refrigerate their lunch. Please note that TSPA does offer a lunch service . Tell me more. We also suggest bringing a snack. Although TSPA offers free snacks, it is a good idea to have a couple extra (healthy) goodies to provide your camper with a little extra energy.
7 TSPA T-shirt is required (1st one is always free). Every additional shirt costs $12. Buy now

In addition...

Do not to bring any peanut-related food to the camp!

 Claim up to $1000 per child for camp activities in your federal income tax return! The Quebec government allows you to claim up to $175 per week of camp. You should receive a “relevé” 24 by February 28th.

Receive 20 coupons for referring us a new camper! Certain restrictions apply.

If your camper is a member of the club, then they can invite the family and play for free on Sunday’s from 4-7pm until the end of June.

All TSPA clinets get their taxes paid at Boutique 40/30 for all your tennis needs such as rackets, shoes (adults and jr's), clothes and a variety of accessories. Call 514-735-2582 x 234 for more information.

Tennis tutoring options are available. Call Lior at 514-963-3569 or from our website, click on option #5.

To call (514.886.9929) TSPA if you know your child will come late or will not attend our daily sessions by 9:30am. You may also send us an email with this information. Please also let us know of any early pick ups so that we can have your camper ready to go on time.

It is not a good idea to bring valuables to camp. Although it is safe to keep things within the clubhouse, these valuables can be left unattended. There is a snack and drink machine at the club with the most expensive item costing $2.50.

That you can give us a call at 514-886-9929 or email us for any other questions.



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